Trump In Helsinki- Our Long National Faux Freak Out Continues

The Deep State strikes back. President Trump gets hell for his summit with Putin in Helsinki. The left and old media’s perpetual national freak out on anything Trump is driving patriots insane. As an average American, I fear a politicized and weaponized IRS and FBI more than I fear Putin and Russia. The same people criticizing Trump’s Summit are same people who f***ed up our foreign policy over 20 years.

Youtube Can Blow Me

Conservative and independent anti-establishment progressive voices are being censored on YouTube, Facebook and other social network sites.  As you know, Facebook has declared the mighty pro Trump sister duo Diamond and Silk “dangerous” to other Facebook users. The Suckerberg site is also using algorithm methods to diminish and silence prominent conservatives like Sarah Palin.  I share my story of how my content was stigmatized and put in a “limited state” by the crypto fascists at YouTube. These social media giants, all of them, can blow me.