The Process Is Punishment

While watching the circus that unfolded this week with the Trump indictment, it got me thinking. I was thinking back to a time, not so long ago, when Donald J. Trump was the King of New York. Growing up in The Vampire State and living here for most of my life, I can act as witness to that fact. The man was on the front page of the newspapers regularly. He starred in commercials. He made cameos in films like “Home Alone” and “The Associate” with non-other than Karen Johnson aka Whoopi Goldberg. Trump was even adored by the Oprah.

And then one day, he seriously decided he was going to run for president. Worse, he was going to do it as a Republican, and his platform would be major conservative and America first issues. Even worse for them, against all the odds stacked against him, he won. And now that he’s already committed himself to run for the White House in 2024, they must never let it happen again.
Here we are in 2023. For the first time in American history, a former American president has been indicted. Also for the first time in American history, a former American president has been indicted and there’s NO CRIME. There’s no ham sandwich. Fat Alvin Bragg has taken us from “show me the man and I’ll show you the crime” to “show me the man and I’ll waste your time.”

I recently spoke about this indictment just after it all went down last week on my latest podcast “The Passion of the Trump” and you can listen to that here. In my podcast, I spoke about what I thought this was all about. They have nothing. Every legal scholar from Alan Dershowtiz to Jonathan Turley to Andrew C. McCarthy stated that this indictment is weak and a disappointment. If you are going to indict a former U.S. president, you’d better have the goods, and to them and even some legal eagles from the fake news networks all agree, Fat Alvin’s got nothing.

So, I thought, why? Why would this left-wing cabal backed by Soros money bring this indictment. At first, I thought they wanted to get Trump to make a plea deal. If Trump made a plea deal, in the court of public opinion, he would be admitting guilt. However, I think these people realized that the consummate deal maker would never make such a deal. If he did, all the usual media harpies would be out there banging the “See! He took a plea, he’s guilty!” drum from now until Election Day 2024.
Then we learned that Trump will not have to appear in court until December 4, 2023. So you have a corrupt D.A., who managed to get 34 charges out of one slices of bread, and is telling the media he has some other crime that Trump has committed, but he will not disclose it.

It dawned on me. That’s what this is all about. The process. Just like with introduction to the Stormy Daniels claim years ago, the Russian collusion hoax, the Steele Dossier, the Russian hooker pee tape and on and on.
The process is punishment.
From now until December 4th, 2023, Fat Alvin Bragg and his office, the left-wing media, Hollywood celebrities, SNL, the late night “comedy” shows, will get to discuss and guess about what is this unknown crime that Fat Alvin has claimed he has on Trump.
The goal? Folks, I think they somehow knew that by bringing this indictment there was going to be some unity surrounding Trump shortly after. I made the comment on Twitter that Fat Alvin did something for our side that decades of GOP Establishmentarians have been promising to do for decades but never delivered on. That is: uniting us. Fat Alvin’s indictment united us all.
The goal with this secret hidden crime is to eat away at Trump supporters. The endless coverage of the secret hidden crime, even if there’s no crime there, will be covered constantly as we get closer to 12/4 and as the election cycle heats up. You can run from it, but you will not be able to hide. You will go to work every day and must deal with the liberal ASS who knows you’re a Trumper and will be in your face every day calling Trump a criminal and yelling for Trump to get out of the race.
THAT is what this is about. It may not seem like it now, as Trump’s support in the polls and on social media has grown substantially by the day since it’s indictment. But you will begin to see some on our side begin to crack. “Oh, I don’t know…trouble and this kind of thing seems to follow him wherever he goes” …”all he does is talk about the Deep State, he doesn’t really speak of policy”…”there’s always drama with him. I’m done. ____2024.”
All of Trump’s enemies, on the left and the right, know that’s he is the ONLY formidable threat to the Obama installed puppet Joe Biden. But if they can cast doubt inside enough of us, they think, it might force him out of the race. This is not just my fresh and new assessment of the matter. The late Rush Limbaugh saw this coming just months before his death. HERE
There is no time for weak sisters. This country and her future literally hang in the balance with this next election. Do not go soft. Do not listen to the evil doers.
It’s Trump now more than ever.

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