What’s Wrong With Some Of You People?

I seriously do not get some of you people. Two very different people, who are on the right side of the aisle, cracked up before me in the same week. While I wasn’t going to talk about it at first, I realized that I had to discuss these interactions with two separate people on this podcast. I did not do this to mock or ridicule. I cannot believe, with all of the horrible things being done to this nation, that I actually had to have these discussions.

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  1. I didn’t know that about Rebecca Mansour. I think people dismissed Palin’s claim of having a best friend who was gay (not Mansour but someone else) back in 2008 as just pandering, but she’s never been anything other than kind to people in the LGBT community (obviously there’s Tammy Bruce, but just watch how she behaved around Don Lemon back in 2011, she even hesitated to attack him this past year on Gutfeld’s show). I think you even said in one of your 2015 vids (I wanna say it was in November of that year after the CBS This Morning interview although obviously I can’t check) that she’s always been pretty popular with gay Republicans, who see her as a rebellious and glamorous figure – making her one of the rare “Right wing gay icons” out there. So her accepting the Log Cabin Republicans endorsement really didn’t surprise me at all.


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