A Big Fat Thank You

Welcome to mrltavern.net!
As many of you know, I no longer do political podcasts on YouTube. I only use YouTube now as a media channel and, occasionally, will podcast from there on subjects not related to politics. This is the new home for Mr.L’s Tavern—Social Assassin Podcast. All of my content will be posted here from now on.
On a serious note, I really have to say thank you.
In February of 2020, I disappeared from social media and my website went offline. If you listened to my 2021 Christmas show, I discussed briefly what happened to me and explained my absence. When I returned to the web, I was blown away by how many of you were genuinely concerned for my well being and whereabouts. Some who listened to me for years just thought I got sick of everything going on and just left. After all, I had said many times on my show, if I did get tired of it all, I wouldn’t make an announcement, I’d just disappear. Some thought I caught the Coof and died. As well as other horrible guesses as to what happened to me.
During my absence, my former website, mrltavern.com, was not renewed. During everything that I was going through, keeping a website up and running was the furthest thing from my mind. With that said, a Chinaman quickly bought my old dot com and it’s now a Chinese online Casino hub. Given the fact that my father was addicted to gambling, that’s kind of hilarious.
Now, I’m officially back and I would like to thank ALL of the people who were concerned about me and, most importantly, a big fat thank you to my listeners, subscribers, readers from my old dot com, Podomatic, MySpace, Chimpsy Radio, Blog Talk Radio, Twitter, Facebook, the Palinistas and more. You know who you are! To those who have followed me for years… words cannot describe how thankful I am for you. You keep me going. You make me want to get up another day and issue another tongue lashing to the man.
Last but not least, a major thanks to a fantastic blogger and patriot Mark America for helping me get this new site up and running. I really did not have the patience or the headspace for it all at this time and could not do it without your help and continued guidance. Check out his prolific and thought provoking website markamerica.com
Here’s to the future!

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