If Alaskan Chattering Class Are Bored They Need To Find A Hobby

I really hate, hate, HATE to have to link up to the Alaska Dispatch News and this little bastard writer Paul Jenkins and give them clicks, but I’m afraid I have to in order to make my point.  Last week, the paper published an article titled “Sarah Palin Should Run For Governor.  I’m serious.” 
Writer Jenkins’ main reason why Palin should do it?  He and the Alaskan political chattering class are bored.  Oh really? Well then…maybe you all should go find a hobby.  Or better yet, maybe some of you should revisit journalism ethics 101 and get back to the basics of unbiased serious reporting and Op- Ed writing.
The article is beyond laughable.  After Jenkins calls Palin “crazy” “half baked” “quirky” “dysfunctional” and he who thinks she’s a “quitter” “lightweight” and “paranoid”, he then makes the case for why she should return to Juneau and solve, once again, all of Alaska’s current problems.
How can anyone take a so called reporter like this seriously? No wonder why these brick and mortar old media outlets are either going bankrupt or becoming extinct!  On top of that, the snark level in this article is beyond revolting.
This little prick has the audacity to re-print old innuendos that have been long debunked ie: Troopergate and ( oh geez … not this shit again) Palin hunting wolves from helicopters.  Hey I got an idea!  Since Palin is suing the New York Times for recycling the 2011 lie that she and her PAC caused the Gabby Giffords shooting, while she’s at it, she might as well sue Paul Jenkins and Alaska Dispatch and make it a 2 for 1 special!
Here’s the thing… when Jenkins says he’s serious about Palin running for Governor again and wanting her to win—he is.  These left wing idiots like to throw around their snark about her among themselves in their circles, they giggle and mock about how they think she’s dumb and a lightweight, and whatever other ridiculous insult they hurl at her.
But these people aren’t totally stupid.  Deep down they know.
They know that she was a good governor.  They know that she left the state of Alaska in better shape than when she received it.  They know that, at one point, Palin had an historical 93% approval rating. You don’t get that kind of approval rating being a clueless dolt.
They know she amassed a $12 billion budget surplus for the state.  They know she vetoed $268 million from budget bills. They know she reduced requests for federal earmarks by 80%.  They know she increased oil production by forcing the oil companies to drill on land they held leases on for over 30 years. They know she made sweeping ethics reforms and reformed state pension system.
They especially know she instilled fiscal policies that upgraded Alaska’s credit rating from AA to AA+ in 2008 and eventually to AAA in 2010.  Since Sarah Palin stepped down as Governor in 2009, Alaska’s credit rating has slipped under Governors Sean Parnell and Bill Walker.
In short, since Sarah Palin resigned, the state has been on a down-slide.  They’re careening into poor credit rating status, corruption is creeping back into state government, the current governor is using the permanent fund as a slush fund for bigger government and, according to this little insolent jerk, Alaskan politics have become…well… boring without her.
As a longtime fan of Sarah Palin, I have mixed feelings about her seeking that office again. Part of me feels like she’s been there and done that. Another part of me feels like she should go ahead and do it.  Of course, not for the reasons of relieving jerkalists like Jenkins’ boredom.
I would support the idea of her seeking and holding that office only if she wanted it and if it was advantageous for her. I would support the idea because I know with Sarah Palin making Alaska great again and Donald Trump in the White House would only steady the path of American Energy Dominance.
I said this a few times over this past year, if Sarah Palin wanted her old job back, she would get it by winning in a landslide. Things would be incredibly different for her as opposed to 2007-2009 just before she resigned. The rules on ethics lawsuit filings have changed, she is now a national and global celebrity, her kids are basically grown and she and Todd have amassed a great deal of wealth that would insulate them from outside attacks.
She could do four years as governor and, in addition to her almost three years of her first term plus four more years in a new term, that would put her around the year 2022 and she could launch a presidential run to continue the Palin/Trump agenda.
I’m serious.

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