RE: Glenn Beck's Latest Jiggery Pokery

On Thursday, Sarah Palin posted this about Glenn Beck.
This has been yet another episode in the ongoing feud between the former Governor and the talk show host.  Apparently, Glenn did not like the public mutilation of his genitals on Thursday, so he posted a response, playing the victim, for which I will respond:

“I just read Sarah Palin’s Facebook page.”
Bullshit. You probably read it the second it was posted. One of your cronies told you about Palin’s post immediately.

“There is a problem in our society. Anger, vitriol and hatred are growing. Politics are coming between us as people.”
Yes there is Glenn and you have contributed to the growth of that anger, vitriol and hatred on your talk radio show, now defunct Fox News show and Blaze TV.

“There are many political organizations, like Media Matters, that have taken people like Sarah and me on for years. I have stopped reading them or spreading their lies and spin.
Their lies are hurtful and nasty.”
Don’t blame Media Matters for your feud with Palin.  Anyone with a brain knows that Sarah and her husband treated you with nothing but kindness and respect.  It was YOU who drew first blood.

“If I didn’t know where these lies came from I would think that Trig wasn’t Sarah’s child. (One of their most famous lies.). We all know better. So does Sarah.”
See what he does here?  He subtly invokes the many times debunked psycho rumor that Trig Palin is not Sarah’s real son.

“She knows that I would not vote for Bernie Sanders. I never said that. What I did say, and have said for years, is that I have respect for Bernie for the one reason that he tells the truth of what he believes. He is a socialist and doesn’t shy away from that like many other socialists.”
I have real respect for people who tell the truth. It certainly doesn’t mean I would vote for a socialist.”
Now, this is the same guy who in 2012, when Newt Gingrich became the republican frontrunner, he called anyone who’d vote for Gingrich over Obama is probably a racist, since–he believed–that Gingrich and Obama were cut from the same progressive cloth.  Anyway Beck tries to slice his claim about Sanders, he did say he’d rather sit with a socialist than with a capitalist like Trump.

“Because I love the truth I don’t even need to respond to what she claimed I said about 9.11 victims. She knows context matters.”
Where exactly is the context in “Ya know, it took me about a year to start hating 9/11 victims’ families”?  Listen for yourself: and tell me where the context is to that.

“For some reason Sarah has decided that she is my enemy.I am not, nor, will I consider her mine.”

“I know how campaigns work.
She is now working or stumping for Trump trying to help him become elected and unfortunately my mothers voice came to my mind as I read her post: “show me your friends and I will show you your future.””
You certainly do know how campaigns work don’t you?  Because you sure did have a hand in ruining many of them over the past years. You knew that Team Cruz campaign strategy was to follow and emulate Obama’s 2008 strategy. That is an establish fact admitted by the Cruz campaign. What did Obama do to win Iowa?  He brought in Oprah Winfrey.  That is what sealed the deal for him in Iowa in 2008.  Apparently, Team Cruz thought you were the conservative answer to Oprah.  However, none of them have the political or cultural wherewithal to know that Beck has become extremely toxic over the past couple of years. 

“I will not become a bigger part of the problem in our country.”
Let me invoke the image of Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane:
But you are Glenn! You already are!

“Glenn Beck Says He Regrets ‘Helping Tear the Country Apart'”
“She said that I would strike back hard. I am saddened that she has convinced herself that this is who I am. I will not strike back or play into the anger.” I have already made mistakes, apologized for them and have tried not to repeat them. No matter what she says about me, no matter how she feels about me, I will not return fire. I strongly disagree with her viewpoint on where, we as a country, should go or who is best suited to lead us. I will, when I feel the record must be set straight, publicly disagree with her or his policies or approach. This is what a healthy republic requires of each of us as long as we base our comments on real facts.”
No, you won’t strike back. Because you know she’ll knock your dick into the dirt over and over again.

“I am saddened that the man so many Americans have fallen for is a man that lives by the rules developed by Saul Alinsky.”
If Trump will use the same tactics to strike at both the republican establishment and the institutional left, then more power to him.  I don’t care what kind of tactics he uses to destroy them. Both the Bush/Romney wing of the GOP and the radical left in this country deserve to be destroyed.

“Divide and destroy anything or anyone that opposes you. That is not name calling. That is stating an opinion based on years of DJT’s behavior.”
Now just read that comment and then read the comment by Beck where he calls DJT’s Christian faith a “crock.”  A Mormon who has been promoting the Satanic belief of “Chrislam” for the past couple of years is calling out someone’s faith in Christ.

“We have already lived through 8 years of this. I stood by Sarah and her family when everyone on the left ravaged her and her family.”
Total bullshit.  You left Palin and her family high and dry several times.  You never even bothered to defend Palin when she was being blamed for the attempted murder of a Congresswoman and several others in 2011. You simply sat on your hands while she was crucified by the media and the left for horrendous murders that she had nothing to do with.
Read more here:
Beck also took delight in having one of his surrogates promote yet another scurrilous rumor about Palin and her family:

I’m not even going to bother responding to the rest of his jiggery pokery.  It’s the usual sanctimonious “can’t we all just get along and heal” bull crap that he pours out to the remaining mindless drones who still buys what he’s selling.  One day, he’s calling someone a clown in an unhinged rant. The next day, he doles out passive aggressive faux apologies and lectures about healing and getting closer to the Creator.  Beck is probably one of the single biggest phonies and frauds that has ever plagued talk radio and the media.

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