Imagine No Islam

Imagine there’s no Islam. It’s easy if you try.  While Obama appeases Muslims by blaming their extremism on poverty and not piety, 300 US Marines hunker down in an Iraqi base just a few miles from where ISIS burned 45 people alive. While Obama glibly speaks, ISIS targets Italy.   How does the West win the war against organized political Islam?  There are several ways, but none of the ways involve quisling Western politicians like Obama.   Walid Shoebat says that we cannot win this war without advancing our own Judeo Christian faith and I agree.  If the RICO Act is used against the Mafia, why isn’t it used against the Muslim Brotherhood and other anti American Islamic conspirators?  A song parody sung by Mr.L.

Imagine No Islam
Words by Mr.L
Sung by Mr.L at the end of the spoken word presentation. 
Imagine there’s no Islam
Easy if you try
No mosques or prayer rugs
Or bowing to Meccan skies
Imagine if all the dhimmis
Would stop calling it a religion of peace
Imagine there’s no Koran
It’s easy if you try
No sharia or jizya
Or burning kafirs alive
Imagine the DOJ
Prosecuting jihadis under the RICO Act
You know they did it with the Mafia
And pro life activists
I hope someday America will wake up
And take their eyes off the NFL
Imagine there’s no ISIS
Or mullahs in Iran
No Islamic beheadings in Syria
Or by the Taliban
Imagine Muslims at Gitmo
Being denied their halal food
You may say I’m Islamophobe
But I couldn’t give a fuck
I would hope someday you dhimmis realize
That the way you think is nuts

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