An Open Letter To Sarah Palin Urging Her To Run For President in 2016

Dear Governor Palin,
I am writing to you today as a supporter and as one of the forgotten men who have been left behind thanks to the corruption and cronyism of both political parties in Washington D.C. I’m urging you to run for President of the United States of America in the 2016 election cycle.
When you declined to run for president in October of 2011, there were many pundits who thought that your political influence would fade.  Those claims are absurd.  In the past six years, your influence has only grown stronger.

As I write this, it looks like the Republican Party is on its way to winning the U.S. Senate.  If it hadn’t been for conservatives like you campaigning for republican candidates from 2010 to the present, the GOP would not be in this great position.

Like you said, a great American awakening has begun and the best is yet to come.
America is craving a real leader in 2016 much like she did with Ronald Reagan in 1980.   Great Britain did the same with the election of Margaret Thatcher a year before in 1979.  The cause of the tribulation back then is no different than the cause of it now–failed leadership and failed progressive policies.
Both Thatcher and Reagan were compelled to use their political power and take a stand.  For Reagan,  it was the terrifying possibility that the Soviet Union and communism would dominate the world.  Thatcher was disgusted at how the labor party, along with the English ruling class, continued to downgrade Great Britain.
America is in desperate times and needs a leader like you. Right now, we have an incompetent zealot at the helm who is taking the nation down the road of weakness and centralized government control of every aspect of our daily lives.
How bad do things have to get in America before you realize the potential of your power and take a stand?
Sarah, I believe this is your time.  Recall when your friend, Rick Halford, concerned that Alaska was moving in the wrong direction, pushed you to run for Governor.  He cited the Bible story of David and the five stones.  Well, now it is America that is moving in the wrong direction, and you still have the five stones.
1. Energy
You know that the key to American economic prosperity and national security is in our natural resources.  America needs to become the world’s energy super power.  Former Shell CEO John Hofmeister said on Fox Business Channel, “If America had a drilling and fracking blitz, we’d have 15 million barrels per day and leverage against our global adversaries.” You have the most experience in the field of energy, so it would be common sense to have you leading the charge for American energy independence.
2. Ethics
Washington, D.C. is in desperate need of reform.  After studying your record and Alaskan politics in general, I’ve always felt that Alaska was somewhat of a microcosm of Washington, D.C.  Many of the problems that you fought in Alaska are rampant in Washington, only on a much larger scale. One of the things I respect about you the most is your courage to put yourself out on the line and, in some cases, act as a whistleblower exposing corruption.  Also, draining the swamp of Alaska government like you did as Governor is a great skill that needs to be transferred to the District of Corruption.
3. Knowing governments proper role
A majority of Americans from all different backgrounds and political affiliations are sick and tired government bailouts of financial institutions and corporate welfare.  We are tired of seeing the federal government pick winners and losers while the middle class gets screwed.  Crony capitalism is an issue that you have been ahead of the curve on for years.  Frankly, you are the only political figure that I would trust to bring an end to the incestuous relationship between big government and big business.
4. You do not have the establishment’s approval
This is probably one of your most valuable political assets.  Yes, Washington is broken, but the two party system– a ruling class made up of far left liberal Democrats and moderate republicans operating like they’re the D-lite party– is breaking America.  With every passing election cycle, where another one of the GOP’s moderate messiahs loses an election, the establishment and its “architects” continue to lose credibility with grassroots voters.  As a conservative voter, I appreciate your courage in calling out the republican establishment as much as you call out the liberal democrats.
5. America needs something different
With the election of Barack Obama in 2008, Americans were craving something different from the Bush republicans.  After eight long years of Obama dragging the country left, Americans will be looking for someone different to draw the nation to the right.  You are definitely not a conventional politician, some of your ideas cross the political divide, and your ability to connect with white working class voters is an ability that both democrats and moderate republicans lack these days.
Now, in 2011, you said, “if there is a crack in the door you would plow right through it.”   Well, the door is now wide open.  I know that you do not care for polls, but if you look at the data for the potential 2016 GOP nomination field, it is very poor.  As Real Clear Politics averages show, no potential candidate has yet to break the 15% ceiling of approval.  Even the respected  pundit Larry Sabato admitted there is no clear front runner for the GOP nomination. It is completely up for grabs.
 The current crop of candidates for 2016 does not look promising.  Some of them are too moderate and too ingratiated with the establishment.  Others have jelly for spines and have flip flopped on just about every issue.  Some are pro amnesty. Some have unclear positions on national security and our ally Israel.  Some are pro Common Core. Some do not seem interested in repealing or defunding Obamacare.  Many of them have not been fully vetted and have no name recognition.
Let’s face it, the Democrat Party is going to play the gender card in the next presidential election.  Why shouldn’t they?  The race card worked out so well for them, the next sensible thing is to divide America on gender.   It will likely be Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren or some other female the DNC and the media decides to pedestal.  A male candidate offered up by the opposition will not work.  The Democrats will win and I don’t think we will recover as a nation if that happens.
I’m not saying you should run just because you happen to be a woman.  I’m saying that you should run because you are the right woman. Yes, there are competent women in the GOP, but none of them have been vetted like you and your family, nor do they have the national name recognition and the trust of the conservative grassroots like you do.
You are, as Dan Caplis put it when he introduced you at the Colorado Conservative Summit 2014, the most influential woman in the history of the GOP.  I hope that you see the opportunity that is laying before you.  The conservative movement is in desperate need of leadership that it can coalesce around.  You are uniquely positioned to be that person. No other conservative is free of the political entanglements that certain segments of the base find to be disqualifying.  I’m not saying that it will be easy, but you have to take a stand for the forgotten men and women in America for whom you so eloquently represent.
God bless you and your family.

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