Sarah Palin Stands For The Forgotten Man At WCS 2014

On July 19th, Sarah Palin spoke to a packed house at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado.  She discussed themes such as crony capitalism and the permanent political class in Washington, DC.  These are themes that she has been cultivating since her Indianola, Iowa speech of 2011.  Palin also talked about “the forgotten man.”  They are the millions of American men and women of all races and cultures who feel that they have been forgotten by both political parties in Washington.  Palin asked, “Who stands for the middle class? Who stands for the forgotten man?”  I say, she does.  Palin also reinforced her call for the impeachment of President Obama. I briefly discuss anti Palin and ruling class enablers in the media such as Joan Walsh, Wesley Pruden and Matt K. Lewis.  Also, my discussion about immigration with my neighbor, an immigrant from Haiti.

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