Corrupt GOP Barney Caucus Does Mischief in the Magnolia State

In the Mississippi Senate run off, the GOP establishment with dirty tricks, race baiting and bribing, managed to squeak out a victory over tea party challenger Chris McDaniel.  In their effort to protect the fossil Thad Cochran at any cost, they may have caused a permanent schism between the republican party’s moderate and conservative wings.  Sarah Palin on Sean Hannity was asked if a third party is necessary after what took place in the Magnolia state.  Her thoughts are on the minds of most conservatives.  That is, how much longer can a party survive when the leadership is constantly acting to undermine its own base? As usual, the left and the media had a holy field day with the GOP’s Pyrrhic victory.  Words like “extremist” and “fringe” have replaced “racist” when used by old media to label conservatives.

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