Sarah Palin In Charge Has a Nice Ring To It

The left, media and some on the right freak out over 17 words uttered by Sarah Palin at the NRA Stand and Fight Rally of 2014.  Did her comment really offend Christians?  What really offends Christians?  How about: Obama using the IRS to target Christian groups. Obama using the federal government to force churches to get permits allowing them to baptize people.  Obama making churches offer contraception.  Obama mentioning Islam in an Easter message that he gave this year when Islam has nothing to do with a Christian holiday.  Muslims killing Christians and burning churches all over the middle east while Obama does nothing about it. 
Thankfully, Sarah Palin defended the comments that she made about water-boarding.  Palin made it clear to an MSNBC reporter that, if she were in charge, she would do whatever it takes to protect Americans and the homeland.   I’d bet a majority of Americans would agree with and have trouble arguing against that follow up statement.

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