Extortion 17, COIN & ROE–What The F%@*K Is Going On With This Country?

I don’t know what pisses me off more, the fact that this is what is going on with our military or the fact that this video currently only has 160 views. EVERYONE should watch this video. EVERYONE who has a son who is interested in enlisting in the US Armed forces should watch this video. EVERYONE should share this video. EVERYONE should be outraged that this is going on right now. Stop with the damn conspiracy theories about the damn missing plane. Stop with the other damn distraction stories of the day. This is serious. Obama’s rules of engagement are putting our combat troops in danger. Do you know that, in this touchy feely “win the hearts and minds” war that Obama and the Pentagon is fighting, Afghan jihadis are allowed to sit in a watch tower ON BASE, ARMED, while our soldiers walk about below UNARMED? Such an asinine policy led to the death of an American solider when an armed jihadi opened fire on the soldiers who walked below.

This mother speaking in this video lost her son in Afghanistan due to the less known scandal “Extortion 17” a.k.a. the greatest loss of U.S. military lives in a single incident in the twelve-year war in Afghanistan. Extortion 17, and the events surrounding it, is BIGGER than Benghazi. The mother who speaks in this video always knew there was a chance she would lose her son when he went into the Navy. She never dreamed she would lose her son because her government turned it’s back on her son and the other soldiers he died with that night. Obama likes to use the term “if I had a son”…well, if I had a son and he came to me with an interest in joining the military, I would advise–NO BEG–him not to until this absurd policy is purged from our military.  This is criminal. This is a disgrace.

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