Sarah Palin –Leader Of The American Awakening CPAC 2014

Sarah Palin rocks the house delivering the key note speech at CPAC 2014.  The former governor of Alaska lampooned the Obama administration by reading a conservative version of “Green Eggs and Ham.”  Palin to the GOP establishment:  You didn’t build that 2010 victory—the tea party did.  She told packed house that the age of Obama is almost over and there has been a great awakening in America.  Sarah Palin—who was right on a whole list of issues besides predicting Russian aggression in the Ukraine—is the leader of that great American awakening.  Palin’s speech drew both praise from supporters and criticism from some in the media.  Also, a word about some “friends of Sarah Palin” who “love Sarah Palin but…” opinions and their online polls.

Mark Levin discusses Sarah Palin’s CPAC 2014 speech>>>

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