The Obama Legacy: From Hope & Change to Lie & Blame

The Obama legacy will be defined as one that transformed from hope and change to lies and blame.  Is Barack Obama capable of telling the truth about anything?  From issues such as the killing Osama Bin Laden to Obamacare, there are lies found in all of them.  Obama’s lie “you can keep your insurance or doctor” will do for his legacy what “Read my lips—no new taxes” and “I didn’t have sex with that woman” did for the legacies of George HW Bush and Bill Clinton. The Democrats are frantically doing damage control for Hillary Clinton after 60 Minutes piece on Benghazi.  The Democrat party girls who claim that embassy attacks under previous administrations are the same as Benghazi are wrong.  Unlike Benghazi: The previous attacks were sudden suicide bombings that came without any warning. The previous attacks did not happen on the anniversary of a major attack like 9/11/2001. The previous attacks did not include Pres Bush or Condi Rice ordering John Bolton to go on Sunday morning talk shows to blame the attacks on a video. The previous attacks did not last 7 hours where an ambassador was raped and then killed, resulting in the first high level diplomat killed since the Jimmy Carter years. To the “what difference does it make” hens in the Democrat party who continue to defend the indefensible I ask—how do you sleep at night?

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