Explaining To Obamakeets Who Really Wins & Loses If Obamacare Is Allowed To Remain As Law

When debating Obamacare or Obama’s pitiful performance as president, Obamakeets like to claim “they won.”  This is true. Obama won in 2012, but he didn’t win the right to act like a dictator.  He also didn’t win the right to act like an economic terrorist and threaten America with default.  I explain to Obamakeets like Mean Jehmu Greene who really lost with the re-election of Barack Obama and the implementation of his Health Care Law.  Obamacare is rife with cronyism, wasteful spending and corruption.   When all is said and done, a political death sentence may be the only thing that Obamakeets, liberal democrats, and RINO republicans who refused to fight against Obamacare will have won.

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