Rand Paul Talks Compromise & Goes to Wall Street w/For Sale Sign on His Back

President Obama negotiates with Mullahs and not Republicans. He shut down the War Memorials of Washington, DC and threw old folks of Lake Mead out of their homes. In short, Obama is a dick.  So why is Rand Paul looking to “compromise” with Obama and the democrats on the issues Obama and Harry Reid’s shut down and Obamacare?  Mr. Paul goes to Wall Street with a “for sale” sign on his back.  Recently Rand Paul attended a fundraiser at the home of NY Jets owner Woody Johnson and is competing with Lord Christie of Trenton for that Wall Street bling.  Paul was seen rubbing elbows with those formerly of Goldman Sachs & the GW Bush administration. These are the same people who his supporters call “globalist neo cons of the Illuminati.”

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