The Strange Case of Miriam Carey

There are still many questions surrounding the case of Miriam Carey, who was shot by Washington, DC police on October 3rd, 2013.  Was Carey a real threat to Obama?  Don’t go looking for answers from the media.  They dropped the story after they discovered it was not a white conservative hayseed causing DC to lock down.  It was, in fact, an unarmed black woman with a young child in the car.  The media have speculated that she was mentally ill and claimed Obama was stalking her.  Whatever her beef was with Obama, real or imagined, it was no reason for her to be shot and killed.  The DC incident proves once again that we need mental case control and not gun control in America. Threats against this president are more than any other president in modern history.  That fact coupled with a Secret Service that is over extended is a recipe for disaster.

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