Obama Reid & the Degeneratecats Shut Down Government & I Don’t Care

Obama, Harry Reid and the degenerate democrats have shut down the government. They are allowed to get away with this and place the blame elsewhere because of the media.  The mainstream media still operates as a political action committee providing cover and attacks opponents for Obama and the Democrat Party.  Is Obama evil or is he just a clown?  Perhaps Obama is nothing more than a domestic terrorist who has caused more damage to America that has exceeded Bill Ayers’ wildest dreams.  In the 1970s, Bill Ayers threw bombs.  In 2013, Obama signs bad bills and executive orders into law.   Ayers used WMDs. Obama uses PMDs (Policies of Mass Destruction).   Obama sycophants continue to parrot the talking point that Obamacare “is the law” and it cannot be changed or defunded.  These morons need to be reminded that Obama himself has already illegally granted exemptions to the requirements of Obamacare, illegally delayed the employer mandate for one year, and illegally delayed over 20 provisions of his own “law”.   He has done all of this and it is all illegal.

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