Is Obama Wagging The Dog On Syria?

Is Obama wagging the dog on Syria to distract Americans from his many scandals? Or is something more sinister going on behind his plan to overthrow another dictator in the middle east?   While Obama’s actions this week make America look really bad, many on the right cannot help delight in Obama’s melodrama over Syria.  What is coming out of the Obama administration in regards to Syria sounds awfully like what came out of the Bush administration in regards to Iraq.  Sarah Palin mocks Obama on Syria and she has every right to do so.  She was mocked by the left for appearing to not know the Bush doctrine in a 2008 interview. Meanwhile, it is Obama who continues the Bush doctrine.  While Palin’s doctrine on Syria is “let Allah sort it out,”  Obama is engaged in helping radical Muslims set the stage for a caliphate in the middle east.

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