CNN's "Our Nixon" Reminds Us That Our Obama Is Much Worse

CNN’s documentary “Our Nixon” reminds the viewer that our Obama is much worse than the 37thpresident.  While watching the documentary, we are reminded that Nixon only had one scandal, Watergate, while Obama has a half of a dozen known scandals.  Other scandals such as Extortion 17, remain relatively unknown thanks to Obama’s lap dog, back rubbing media.  When Obama calls Benghazi and the IRS scandals “phony” he is telling us which scandals he fears the most.  While we can blame the media for helping Obama to get away with murder, we must also blame the inept and feckless republican leadership.  Anyone who thinks that the republicans have the political will to impeach Obama over his crimes against the American people are kidding themselves.  The republican establishment does not even have the balls to defund Obamacare.

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