Old School Is Sick of Obama's New School Fanning the Flames of Race in America

The George Zimmerman trial comes to an end. Zimmerman is found not guilty in the death of Trayon Martin. Rachel Jeantel appears on CNN’s Smears Morgan show and declares that the jury got it wrong because “they be old schoo” and that she is “new schoo,” or something. As a card carrying member of the old school, I am frankly sick and tired of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, the racial grievance industry and members of the new school who continue to use race to divide America. As expected and after the verdict was read, calls for federal investigations came, riots ensued and “beatings for Trayvon” campaign commenced. We were told that once Obama became president, America would become post racial. It’s not happening. He’s making race relations worse. The reason why the left is calling Zimmerman white instead of what he really is—Hispanic. 

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