The Serious Folly of the "Palin Quit" Meme

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I want to talk about this tweet by Joan Walsh to Sarah Palin.  I also want to talk about this article by Peter Wehner of Commentary magazine put out about her.  Folks, when you see articles like this that continue to use the “she quit” meme and they either ignore her record or they outright lie about it–I have to ask, why do they keep doing this?   These people are supposedly prominent journalists and commentators and ruining their credibility by doing this?
I think I know why.  Rush Limbaugh has been on a tear with this Low Info Voter (LIV) concept.  He’s been on it for about a year now.  He wants to bring himself down to a level to both understand the LIV and to educate the LIV towards conservativism.  And he says that the Democrat Party has cornered the market on the LIV.   Because for the Democrats, the stupider and misinformed the voter, the better for them. 
But it’s not only the Democrats who are after those voters.  It’s the GOP establishment.  People like Nathan Wurtzel, Peter Wehner, John Avlon and Karl Rove.  They hope when they write articles like this, they hope to misinform the LIV about the circumstances surrounding Palin’s resignation, paint her as dumb and use Ronald Reagan to support their favorites for 2016.
Remember, both the republican establishment and its pundits, as well as the DNC and their pundits agree on one thing:  they do not want people to know the truth about Sarah Palin, because they might end up relating to or liking Sarah Palin.  And more than anything else, they do not want more and more people agreeing with Sarah Palin. 
Folks, if I said it once I’ve said a million times, if this was a war, an actual combat battleground with the Marxist left in this country, in the fox hole with me, I would want a warrior like Sarah Palin.  I would take a warrior like Sarah Palin over the Roves, Avalons, Frums, this guy Peter Wehner who I will speak about in a little bit.
This is metaphorically speaking.  Of course, we’re not in an actual battle with them in a physical manner….yet.  But in the cultural sense, in the legislative sense, in the battle for power sense, we are in a war.  Every day, we are in a war.  And the folks that I just mentioned, those in the establishment, if I were in the foxhole with them, I would kill them, take their rations and weapons, throw them out of the foxhole and let them rot in the sun in order to make room for Sarah Palin.
I’ve mentioned this before, there’s a line in my favorite movie, “The Exorcist.”  The old priest played by Max Von Sydow tells the young priest, before doing battle with the demon living inside Linda Blair, that you must be very careful when dealing with the Devil.  Any communication with the Devil must be suspect.  The Devil—or in this case, when talking about people like Joan Walsh on the left and Peter Wehner on the moderate right—is liar.  The Devil is a liar and he often mixes lies with the truth against the enemy.  Now, I’m calling them Devils because, their technique of using a cheap shot “she quit” is totally out of the Alinsky playbook.  We all know who Saul Alinksy dedicated his book, Rules For Radicals to: Satan. 
Now, I’ve spoken extensively about the “Sarah Palin is a quitter” meme once before.  I did a segment a while back on my site called “If Sarah Palin’s Biggest Flaw is Resigning Then She Has No Flaws.” 
Here you have Joan Walsh, a committed leftist who has been in the tank for the Democrats, for a lifetime.  In the tank for the Obama agenda.  There’s nothing objective about any of her commentary.  She hates Sarah Palin, suffers from acute “mean girl” Palin derangement syndrome.
So, Sarah Palin writes a Facebook note about how John Kerry and the Obama administration lied about his whereabouts while Egypt burns, and how they all lie.  They lie over simple things.  If you were out on your boat, Sailing with Christopher Cross, then you were out on your boat while Egypt burned.  What are you lying about?  Why are you trying to make it as though the American people are stupid.  People in boats saw him sailing.  They were tweeting: “John Kerry just passed by me on a boat.”  Everyone knew he was sailing.
But it’s one lie after lie after lie and all Joan Walsh could manage out of it was this tweet.  Reads:  “Happy Anniversary weekend of quitting your governorship @SarahPalinUSA! So patriotic!”
Totally lame. Lame, but again, like the Devil mixes lie with truth.  Yes she did resign. That’s the truth. I’m not denying it.  Whether you want to act like a juvenile and use the term quit, that’s fine, ok so she did.  But the lie is what you left out.  The circumstances surrounding the resignation.
I can be juvenile too.  I could say, you want to talk patriotic, which I did tweet to Miss Walsh, Obama was just in Nigeria talking about Boko Haram—not to be confused with Procal Haram who gave us “Whiter Shade of Pale” in the sixties.  No Boko Haram is a jihadist organization that just killed 29 students and a teacher in Nigeria.  But here, five to seven days ago, we had Obama bashing America in Nigeria and making excuses for the murderous Boko Haram.
Now Obama is thinking about quitting in Afghanistan.  See we can play this juvenile game too.  You know why she resigned.  I’m telling you, the more and more they do this, the more and more people will begin to actually educate themselves on the circumstances regarding her resignation. And the more they do that and look at politicians like Rubio, who passed a bad law through the Senate. And the more they look at other politicians or wannabes who think they should be the president who can’t keep their stories straight and can’t figure out what their position is on an issue or stick to a position on an issue, the more they will say, what was so wrong about what she did? 
She didn’t go away and that’s what burns people like Joan Walsh’s ass.   Of course, after the tweet, she whines.  Joan doesn’t like it when she gets attacked for her juvenile stupidity. 
But folks, seriously, when you look at politicians like Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer. They both resigned.  In disgrace.  In scandal.   Weiner, as we all know, threw his junk around the internet.  Possibly sent his junk to under aged girls.  Former Governor Eliot Spitzer, formerly Client #9, is running for comptroller.  This is a man who over paid for a ho and was dumb enough to get caught using an ATM to withdraw thousands of dollars for the transaction with the ho.  He’s running to be in control of NYC’s finances. 

On the GOP side, we have now Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.  He is an establishment GOP darling. He is contemplating resignation right now.  He is doing so over reports that the CEO of Star Scientific gave McDonnell a Rolex watch at the urging of his wife minutes before a meeting McDonnell’s wife reportedly arranged with state health officials and the CEO. The CEO  pitched state officials on the company’s health products.  McDonnell’s wife also reportedly went on a lavish $15,000 shopping spree in New York.  The FBI is also reportedly investigating McDonnell for using taxpayer funds to buy himself and his family personal items, petty theft from the Governor’s mansion, and having a donor pay for his daughter’s $15,000 catering bill for her wedding in 2011. 
He’s being investigated by the FBI.  Palin was never investigated by the Feds.  She resigned in earnest.   Meaning,  she didn’t do anything wrong. But the devils, would like to implicate that she did.  She didn’t. 
See, when you  actually look at the evidence of what happened and the circumstances surrounding it. When you look into who was involved it goes high up to people in the Obama administration. Peter Rouse all the way down to the idiot in her living room filing false charges on her.  Then you will come to realize that this was revenge and a coordinated effort to destroy a woman who basically was the only force standing in the way of an Obama presidency in 2008.  
So what happened?  Well, Sarah Palin returns home and the people who were working with her to pass major legislation, now won’t even work with her to pass basic, simple legislation.  Here was a woman who worked with both sides of aisle.  And then she comes home after the campaign, the republicans didn’t want to know her because she was never a GOP party girl.  They never really got over what she did to Frank Murkowski.  And the democrats didn’t want to know her because they were being pressured not to by Peter Rouse and the Obama administration.
Here you had Sarah Palin, a good governor with historic approval ratings. And so this small group of Alinsky leftists in Alaska, they couldn’t attack her policies because they were sound.  She worked with both sides to pave the way for great success for the state of Alaska.  She cut the budget by a billion dollars. She increased revenue by over a billion dollars– a two billion dollar net gain to the people of Alaska.  She passed legislation that basically no other governor in the history of the state could pass for decades. She was probably one of the most transformative governors in the history of that state.
She was not just popular, she was historically popular. And so when you go to attack someone like that, you begin to work on their negatives.  Here you have an honest woman—who isn’t in the pockets of Big Oil companies and special interests—and who remained exceptionally clean throughout her career.  Remember, one of the hallmarks of her rise to power was that she promised to reform ethics and clean up Alaskan politics and government.  And she did. 
So how did these people dirty this clean politician known as Sarah Palin?  Well, they filed countless false ethics charges in order to make her seem unethical to citizens of Alaska. And these leftists did it until the people started to question whether or not she was unethical.  In Alaska, there are no limitations on how many ethics complaints can be filed against the Governor.  Most of these ethics filings were not being done in good faith, and like I’ve said in a previous segment about this, it was lawfare.  It was an abuse of the legal system in Alaska by a bunch of Obama supporting leftist trolls.  
It was an organized strategy, from top to bottom, to gain headlines and the media, of course, went along with it.  Ethics filing on the front page.  The story about it being thrown out for being ridiculous and lacking merit was put in the back pages.
What is worse and disgusting about this whole thing, and this just goes to show you how the depraved minds on the left work.  This was done not only to harass her out of office.  They did this to bankrupt her and her family.  They knew she wasn’t rich.  The Palins and the Heaths were not “of money” like the Murkowski dynasty.  So, she was not only targeted for political destruction.  They targeted her for financial destruction as well.  They wanted her and her family destitute.  And she refused to play by that play book and help them destroy her and her family and so she resigned. 
So now you know. And for those who do not like it when interjects herself or causes a political stir, just remember, if you didn’t try to destroy her, if you didn’t force her out of her job, she might’ve been still there, very happy, and not causing the trouble for you, on both sides, that she’s doing now.  I told you this before…the left and the Beltway RINO types created this Frankenstein monster for themselves.
Now that’s out of the way.  About this article in Commentary Magazine by Peter Wehner.  “The GOP is More Serious Than Sarah Palin.”  By the way, notice that most of these hit pieces written by Beltway types of both the left and the right, who gave us this disaster known as Barack Obama, that if they’re not old dried up hags like Joan Walsh on the left, that they’re fat, bald, old white dudes on the right?  Just sayin…
So he starts off whining about Palin calling for a Freedom Party.  She wasn’t calling for a Freedom Party you dunce.  She was asked on a Fox show and she said, yes if the GOP keeps alienating the base and enabling a leftist agenda, yes, a Freedom Party will rise.  So she wasn’t calling for it, she was asked, and she gave an honest answer. 
See, I told you they get very upset when you start talking about alternatives to their two party system.  He writes: Let’s begin with this observation: Ms. Palin is a fierce opponent of immigration reform, and any openness by the Republican leadership in the House would move her a good deal closer to abandoning the GOP.
Last week, she was a supporter of amnesty according to some.  This week she’s a fierce opponent.  Hey… I really wish you guys would just pick a narrative and stick to it when concerning Governor Palin.   Hey Peter, “openness by the GOP leadership”?  On immigration?  I hear that Gin and Tonic Johnny Boehner is already looking to hold closed door meetings on amnesty in the House as we speak.   The GOP house leadership is “going into the shadows”  on amnesty so to speak. He goes on…
Which of course makes her reference to both Lincoln and Reagan odd, since Reagan was an advocate of amnesty and as president granted it to millions of illegal immigrants.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.  How many times do we have to go over this nonsense?  Reagan was double crossed by the Democrats with Simpson Mazzoli, the amnesty of 1986.  Amnesty was not on a main agenda item like it is Jeb Bush, George Bush, John McCain or any other open borders advocates.  He did not get the border security he wanted and it was promised they’d never look to grant amnesty again.  And here we are today. Also, Reagan disclosed to several close aides that he deeply regretted signing off on amnesty. 
As for Lincoln, Rich Lowry points out that “Lincoln was broadly pro-immigration… Clearly, Lincoln’s default position today would be generosity toward immigrants.”
First, who cares what Rich Lowry says?  I have a mind of my own and I can think.  Second, being against illegal immigration and law breakers doesn’t make you against immigration, you stupid ass.  Third, you’re actually going to look at us with a straight face and claim that the immigrants coming here today illegally are the same as those in Lincoln’s day?  And that the same circumstances in America today are the same as those in Lincoln’s Day? 
He moves on citing his picks for the GOP leaders.  Of course its Marco Stoogio and Jebbie “I used to be a conservative” Bush.  By the way, when anyone like Wehner comes out and tells you who should be the leaders on the right, you should run, not walk, from such people.
In their tone and substantive approach to legal and illegal immigration, then, people like Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush are far closer to Reagan and Lincoln than Ms. Palin is.
I plan to do a segment in the future on Reagan and Palin. Not from a policy standpoint but a style standpoint.  The same thing that Wehner is doing here for Rubio and Bush, is the same thing that people like him and Jennifer Rubin, the lifelong liberal Democrat, did for Romney.  That is, they bent Reagan’s character, policy positions, words, like a pretzel to make Romney appear conservative.  It didn’t work. 
Representative Paul Ryan has on several occasions now presented a very serious plan to re-limit government and reform entitlements, especially Medicare–and in doing so he has gone far beyond anything that Ronald Reagan ever proposed. And to the astonishment of many, Ryan secured the support of virtually the entire Republican House.
Peter, do you mean the plan that phony put forward that he eventually had to admit didn’t cut federal spending?  If you bothered to look at Sarah Palin’s record as a Governor, you’d know she worked to pass massive, complex legislation with the help of not only republicans, but with democrats too.  That was before she went and answered the call to duty and be a good republican and try to help that old phony codger, McCain, over the line.  Only to be stabbed in the back when she returned to Alaska. 
What is it with this serious stuff?   You know Peter, Sarah Palin has made a career out of appearing un serious to dopes like you and proving you wrong.  Her ability making you guys look unserious should be taken very seriously.
What the hell is this line: House and Senate Republicans have also opposed, almost to a person, the Affordable Care Act, and pushed for its repeal. Oh please.  They funded the damned thing back in the Spring.  Who are you kidding?   Many of them criticized Sarah Palin when she spoke of death panels, which caused the initial anti Obamacare stir in the first place. 
The GOP remains staunchly pro-life. No they aren’t.  They want to distance themselves from the issue. They want to remain with the fiscal only.  And they want to distance themselves from anyone who wishes to take umbrage with the issue.
Here he goes again, the GOP has uniformly opposed higher taxes. (Compare this once again to Reagan, who in 1982 signed what at the time was the largest tax increase in American history.) In fact, congressional Republicans have consistently been pushing for tax cuts.
Again, anyone who states this is disingenuous.  Again, they want to bend Reagan’s record to suit their big government spending needs and walk hand in hand with the left.   I went through this when Michael Steele did it back when I did the segment the RINO summit he and disgraced congressman Dickey Edwards held in Maryland.  The comment is one that has been used by a variety of leftists and RINOs to make it appear that, because Reagan did it, raising taxes is, what Obama would say “the right thing to do.”
It’s a lie.  Reagan did raise taxes in 1982, but that only trimmed back some of the giant 1981 tax cut.  He was promised by Congress $3 of spending cuts for each $1 of taxes, and those cuts never happened. Democrats selectively left out what Reagan said later in that radio address: “For those who say further responsible spending reductions are not possible, they are wrong. . . For those who say more taxes will solve our deficit problem, they are wrong. Every time Congress increases taxes, the deficit does not decrease, spending increases.”
When Reagan took office in 1980, there were 16 tax brackets ranging from 0% ($3,400 or less) to 70% ($215,400). When Reagan left office in 1988 there were 2 brackets: 15% (income up to $29,750) and 28% for income over $29,750). Coincidentally, revenues increased from $517.1 billion to $909.2 billion. Sadly, the democrat controlled congress spent at an even faster rate, from a -$73.8 billion dollar deficit in 1980 to -$221.2 billion dollar deficit in 1986.
The liar goes on: It’s similar to a quarrelsome marriage; every word one spouse says is interpreted in the worst possible light by the other. Sarah Palin and those like her are now disposed to attack the GOP, and perhaps even looking for reasons to break from it. But let’s be clear: It’s being driven by her/their frame of mind, not the heresies of the Republican Party. 
See. The old “it’s not me it’s you” routine.  They haven’t learned their lesson. See this guy is a total leftist. He thinks America hasn’t become totalitarian under Obama.  After Obamacare, after the NSA spying, after Obama spying on AP reporters, after Obama’s administration targeted James Rosen and James O’Keefe before him.
Ok here we go. Here it is:  It may also be that Palin, having quit after serving less than one term as governor, is simply not very serious about, or even all that interested in, governing. She does seem better suited to compose tweets and star in reality shows than to carry out the duties of governing.
Hey Pete, she did govern.  She governed and did more things than you probably haven’t done in a lifetime.   She did things that takes most governors two terms to do and she did it just under a full term.  She liked governing. Some very bad people, some seeeeeeeeeeirously bad people, forced her out of that job.
And now she’s on the loose.  And I know that’s what bothers people like you most of all.
To close I just want to read you off a few names.  This is for Joan Walsh, Peter Wehner and any other moron leftists or fake republican who continue to embarrass themselves with this dopey, juvenile “quit” meme. 
Shep and Ian Murray, the owners of a $100 million dollar tie company called Vineyard Vines.  Rick Wetzel and Bill Phelps, owners of the multimillion dollar pretzel company called Wetzels pretzels. Dana Sinkler owner of Terra Chips and $ 25 million in annual sales.  Rod Johnstone, owner of a company called J Boats that crafted over a thousand boats.  Rocky Patel of Patel Cigars produces 20 million stogies worldwide.  Paul English, the owner of the popular website Kayak. 
I could read more names but do you know what they all have in common.  They all resigned or “quit” previous endeavors and went on to bigger and better things.   They have more in common with people like Governor Sarah Palin than they do with hacks like Joan Walsh and Peter Wehner. 
And while its unknown to many of us who follow Sarah Palin what her next endeavor will be, it’s likely that a) she will be successful like she has been in all other things she has excelled in before and b) anything that people, whether its Walsh on the left or Wehner on the fake right say about her, the resigning or making up some other lie about her,  is not going to matter.  And whatever decision Sarah Palin makes, whether it’s a run for the Senate, or a run for the presidency God willing, or if she simply wants to keep doing what she’s doing, you will have absolutely no control over any of it. 
And frankly, that’s the best part of the whole thing.  Knowing that people like Walsh and Wehner and other types like that won’t have any control over it.  
And that’s the deal with that.

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