Why the GOP May Become the GDP (Grand Dead Party)

The GOP may become the GDP (Grand Dead Party) if it keeps following the formula of insanity.  That is doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same result. 
For example: Support RINO candidate + Alienate conservative base = Loss in general election.  Or: Support  RINO candidate + Win by a hair + Stick middle finger at conservative base + Govern like a progressive = Ruining the republican brand.   If Sarah Palin leaves the GOP, I’m going with her.  WaPo writer Dan Balz spills the beans on the Romney campaign ala “Game Change” style in his new book “Collision 2012.”   Leaked information about the book makes me ask, was it a coincidence that Sarah Palin’s bus tour commenced at the same time Romney was seriously considering ending his 2012 campaign in May 2011?

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