If Amnesty Passes, America Will Have Crossed The Rubiocon

The Gang of Snake bill passes an important hurdle in the Senate, but it is not over yet.  You must continue to call and email Senators before the bill goes through the final votes and is sent to the House.  Barack Obama’s strategy is very simple.  Obama knows he cannot campaign in 2014 running on amnesty since a majority of voters, especially independents, are against it.   It didn’t work for him in 2010 when he made an issue out of Arizona immigration law.  Obama and the corruptocrats in his administration know how much the tea party and conservative grass roots loathe the republican establishment.   They know that if the amnesty bill passes in a republican controlled House, it is likely that conservatives will sit out the 2014 elections, once again, giving Obama a supermajority.  I believe this is why radio talk show host Mark Levin is telling his listening audience to get ready to scare House republicans into killing this bill.

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