Assclowns On The Left & Right & Sarah Palin Is Still In The Fight

Former Governor Sarah Palin gives another well received speech at the NRA ILA in Houston, Texas—proving to her foes that she’s still relevant and not going away.  While the USA is falling apart at the seams, leftists lunatics from the church of the perpetually outraged believe that it is Citizen Palin tweeting the word “assclown” and not Obama the president who is a threat to the nation.  My advice when battling leftist Assclowns defending Obama and trashing Palin in comment threads is simple—flip that mofo.   In 2013,  the Obama presidency is over and irrelevant.  A majority of Americans are over Hype & Chains and want new leadership.  While there are Assclowns on the left, there are also Assclowns on the right. Why is talk radio protecting Marco Stoogeio Rubio?  Why is there a fake tea party organization scamming people into drafting Sarah Palin for the Senate?  I also talk about the parallels between Great Britain in the 1970s and America 2013.   Great Britain was saved by a great conservative leader like Margaret Thatcher.  In 2016, America could be saved by a conservative leader and that’s Sarah Palin.

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