In Response To Rand PaulQaeda mrltavern Mr.L Imposter Posting Anti Sarah Palin Videos

Once again, this is a response to the idiot imposter of Mr.L who is posting anti Sarah Palin themed videos on You Tube with a version of my screen name.  This is the same cowardly and craven psycho who did this back in February. You can review the history here.and then review my response to that video here.
The asinine agitator is most likely a Ron/Rand PaulQaeda and I explain why I think so. The fact that this video was posted in my name doesn’t bother me since there is nothing I can do to prevent it from being posted.  All one can really do is flag and complain about the video in order to have it removed.  What does bother me is how some—not all—in the Sarah Palin support movement would ever believe that I, after my vociferous  of Palin and her cause over the years, would ever do something like this.  

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