Obama Is a Failure & Still In Denial About Islam

Flashback to a Sept. 2012 segment where I said that Barack Obama is driving America into the bug house.  Flash forward to an article out of WND titled “Americans Snapping By The Millions” proves me right and I still attribute the snapping of America to the presidency of  Obama.  Obama is a failure of a president on almost every level.  He’s failed time and again to bring the country together. He’s a failure at handling the economy. His single most legislative achievement Obamacare is a failure. It’s a mess.  It should be repealed.  And now, he’s also a failure on national security with the recent Islamic terrorist attack in Boston.  We were lied to on Benghazi.  We’re being lied to on Boston Jihad.  Until we start calling this what it is—radical Islam or Islamic supremacy—bombings like Boston will become a common place in America.  Frankly, this war un-winnable because our leaders are in denial about radical Islam.

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