Rand Paul & the "Me Too" Republicans

In March, Rand Paul held a filibuster against drone strikes on Americans in cafes. Then he goes on the Neil Cavuto show on Tuesday April 23rd and claims that he’d be okay if a common American criminal, say a liquor store robber, gets blown away, sans trial, with a drone.  What if the drone misses the robber and hits the café?   I told those who wanted to “stand with Rand” that, in the end, you end up “falling with Paul.”  Ever since Paul was elected into the Senate, he has constantly changed positions on almost every major issue.  Anything that Rand Paul stands against today, he already stood for it yesterday. This man shouldn’t be allowed into the White House. Not in 2016—NOT EVER. Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan and other me too republicans were NOT sent to Washington, DC to conduct legislative jihad against Americans by making back room deals and ramming thousand page bills that  will fundamentally transform America. 
They were not supported by grassroots conservatives so that they can go to Washington and become part of the problem.

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