If Sarah Palin’s Big Flaw Is Resigning Then She Has No Flaws


Mr.L in Mr.L’s Tavern.  I wanna talk about this dig at Sarah Palin by Karl Rove which was in retaliation for Palin’s dig at him at CPAC. And I did have this transcribed by the way. You can find it along with this commentary at mrltavern.com.  I only did this once where I cut the audio and then gave it to a friend who’s a fast keyboardist to transcribe it because I think this topic is important to be in both the spoken and the written word. 
I wanna talk about the concept of resignation and Sarah Palin’s resignation. I know that I’ve mentioned it in a few segments in the past, but I’ve been wanting to speak about it for awhile and in light of Karl Rove’s asinine response to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, I thought it was high time to do it.  And really, what I believe was a declaration of war declared on a certain faction of the party, I’ve said this before, it’s a war on conservative grassroots, Palin supporters, rank and file tea party folk and it was declared by the republican establishment and people like Karl Rove and other pundit class open pie holes on the right. 

And along with the Big Gulp poke that she made at the Nanny state, that was really best part of her speech, because it was something that so many of us have been waiting for.  We in the grassroots, the people who have been sending the RNC money—even if we don’t have the money—and those who knock doors and fill the envelopes and blog—even if many of us are spent on time—we feel that the GOP establishment they have been declaring war on us for decades. 
So when Palin started going after the consultant class, it was a great thing because here’s this prominent political figure, who has gone after corruption in her own party before and won so, she knows a little about it, and she has experience in doing this.  So she’s making a declaration against them, like a General before a battle who would declare war on an enemy.
Never forget that, in a political war, I would rather be in the fox hole with Sarah Palin, or someone like her or of her character, rather than in the hole with 25 Karl Roves.
I’ve been vehemently against this man, Rove, and his ilk for quite some time. But, do you wanna know the real reason this guy got so offended by what she did?  It wasn’t that she’s a grassroots darling and a leader and he’s old guard hack of the establishment and she’s calling him out and he doesn’t like it.  No, that’s not it.  The reason he got so pissy is because he’s been outfoxed by her already. The Rick Perry re-election and also the Ted Cruz victory in Texas. That was an example of her outfoxing Karl Rove.  Another reason he got so perturbed at her was because she called out his record.  Listen, this man had a reputation of being one of the smartest guys in Washington.  But that was then and this is now.  His time has passed.  He’s overstayed his welcome.  I mean, the people in his organization they make great campaign ads, but his record for picking candidates sucks.
What does Palin now have? What is she now 75% success and Rove’s 1%.  And how many millions did he spend for that 1%?  He blew through $300 million dollars in 2012—and they lost!  As Phyllis Schlafy said at CPAC: Rove had 31 candidates and only 7 of them got into office.  You wouldn’t rehire a football coach for next season with that kind of record.
And so because she did that, because she called him out indirectly on national TV, and did so at a political conference, he makes a pot shot that if he could actually get elected in Texas as dog catcher, he’d serve the full term. 
Okay, so we’re back to this again.  Her resignation in 2009.  As if no one knows the reasons why she did it.  Rove knows why she did it.  Why? Because it’s likely that Rove had a hand in the harassment leading to her resignation either directly or indirectly.  Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.  I mean, listen, these guys in the establishment stick together.  Wasn’t it Ted Steven’s son who called her up when she announced she was running for Governor of Alaska and he told her something like, “Look here little lady. You’re not just running against Murkowski. You’re running against me, my dad and the entire republican party.”   She beat them all.  So it wouldn’t be that easy to believe that Karl Rove had a hand in it.  Can’t prove it. But one thing we know for certain, when the bow tie man talks about “undisputed truths” that Palin resigned—I’m talking about Sucker Carlson–well, there is another undisputed truth about the Palin resignation. And that is, people like Karl Rove or the bow tie man never, ever, reached out a hand to help her when she was going through that.
Here you had a sitting republican governor, Sarah Palin, who was and is still a star.  A national and world figure.  She raised tens of millions of dollars for both John McCain and the RNC in 2008.  She drew huge crowds they never would’ve been able to get on their own.   And then she returns from the campaign trail and people like Karl Rove and the whole entire RNC deserted her in her time of need. 
Oh, and in case you missed it, the RNC put out this report on Monday.  Yeah, it’s another “how we can rebrand failure and fail in the next election” type of report.  Typical of them.  I believe the folks at Breitbart called it an autopsy which is the appropriate word for it when discussing today’s GOP.  I read it and the whole thing and it’s a joke.  Part 5 is the biggest joke in it.  It deals with outreach to women voters.  And it claims they need to “find and support more national surrogates who are women” in the party.  Does anyone wonder why they had the war on women mantra put out at them?  They have an outstanding national surrogate, who is a woman, in the party.  Her name is Sarah Palin and they continue to diss and distance themselves from her.  And so they go look for people who are kinda like her.  Where they go wrong is thinking they can find another like her and they cannot.  Just these mannequins who look like Stepford wives, stiff, rigid, scripted. It’s a joke. 
But after Sarah Palin explained why she left, why she resigned, either on in the press or in her books, and after countless of her supporters have explained why she left, after her emails that the liberals ransacked through where they explained that she was a great governor and she was being harassed and wouldn’t have a pot to piss in after it was all said and done.  And after however many times the resignation has been discussed or wrote about and about the bogus ethics complaints— that were eventually thrown out of court, some laughed out of court—it still doesn’t stop annoying, disingenuous, smarmy, bow tie wearing pud-whacks like Rove and Sucker Carlson to take a cheap shot at her like this.  
First of all, when people call her a ½ term Governor, know that she served 32 out of 48 months.  I would put her record of achievements, accomplishments, and the things she did for her state, Alaska, in 18 months—I’m talking about the period before she was chosen as McCain’s running mate—I would put that record up against any full term governor in modern history. Even the big ones who went on to the White House.  She did more in 18 months than most do in a full term.  You can look over that list of accomplishments at my site mrltavern.com in the transcript there.
And all of a sudden, she returns to her office, and she comes under an endless assault of frivolous BS ethics complaints, all of which required her to pay out of her own pocket due to the Alaskan laws regarding those matters.  It’s called “Lawfare” folks.  And it was waged against her.  What lawfare?  Basically what is, is people abusing the legal system in order to harass somebody—the ends justify the means so to speak.
Some of them doing it, a handful of ObamaTrons who were extremely upset about the idea that a governor of their state would be the one who could threaten the first, historic, presidency of the black Hawaiian Jesus, they were doing it out of close to a million people living in that state.  You actually had a member of the Obama administration by the name of Peter Rouse, who has strong ties to Alaska, at the head of it all.  Many of them filing ethics complaints so stupid, the idea that many of them abused the legal system up there–if any of you who did it are listening—you should be in jail. You should have served a prison sentence for harassment, fraud and abuse of the system. 

That’s what people like Karl Rove like to ignore.  That there was actually fraud and abuse of the legal system.  But he’s no better than they are because the ends justify the means and it got her out of office and they were perfectly happy with that.  
Oh yeah, Rove and people like Sucker Carlson should know the “indisputable truth” that the Alaskan Ethics Act did not allow her to escape the legal bills to defend those charges. It also should be mentioned that Ethics Act could not be reformed until she resigned.  And again, there was no help from people like Rove or the national party to raise cash for her legal bills.  The DNC certainly did it for Clinton.  So she’s making about $125K a year and there’s $500K to $1 million in legal fees coming at her…you do the math.   I’d like to ask Karl Rove exactly how much he would spend to be a lame duck governor?  You don’t pay $500K a year out of your own pocket to keep a job making where you’re making 123K per year.  That’s just common sense.  Sorry, common sense is something that many in the ruling class and the political punditry just do not have. My fault. My bad.

 I spoke about Obama ignoring one FOIA request after another last week. If you do a search “Obama ignores FOIA” you will see how many cases pop up.  And those are just the ones that are publicized.  He can do that of course because he and Eric Holder think answering those are beneath him.  The folks who claimed they’d have the most transparent White House ever, ignore FOIA requests on a daily basis.  It’s because they have the full protection and are insulated by the power of the White House.  Sarah Palin did not have that luxury, which is why she tried to answer all of the FOIA requests coming in because, to her, that was the right thing to do.  And she did it until she couldn’t do it anymore. 
Folks the GOP elite, those in the political class, and those in the punditry and even some on the blogs, they’re getting as bad with Democrats with some of this nonsense.  Sucker Carlson, when asked about this, doesn’t have to defend Sarah Palin.  But he could say “well you know Rove is right, she did resign but, in all fairness there’s a story behind why she did it, and to act as if that story doesn’t exist and pretend that she just flaked out one day and resigned for no reason would be disingenuous on Rove’s part.”   But they don’t do that.   Just as the liberals do, they only care about headlines. Whatever bleeds leads and what the story is below the headline they could care less about. 
You know what I love about all of this. Well, first of all, the media acts like this has never happened before where the conservative wing of the party never took on the establishment wing of the party. Like it never happened in history which is nonsense.  As I’ve said this before, Sarah Palin and the reaction she gets from people, she has a way of outing people politically.  You really see where people will go wobbly on the right when she is brought up.  The left once despised Rove.  Just 6 years ago, they wanted to see him do a “frog march” for the Valerie Plame scandal, and now they’re siding with him and egging him on.  Because they hate Palin and see her as the real threat.   And to them, Rove is a burn out who spent $300 million in an election cycle and lost.  He’s some guy they used to hate who has a 1 % success rate in picking winners.   Rove is kind of like the left’s new Cindy Sheehan.  And when they’re done with him, they’ll throw him away like they did her. 
Now, I’ll go back to Rove in a moment but I wanna talk about this …Peggy Noonan wrote an article a few weeks ago that didn’t make me wanna throw up. I’m not her biggest fan and you people know this.  But she wrote an article for the New York Post called “A Sermon In Humility.” This was written before the new Pope Francis was elected.   And it’s not one of her usual political RINO screeds that she writes every week.  But it discusses the resignation and the factors that led up to it and it got me thinking of Sarah Palin.  To any Palin haters or RINO enablers that come here and say (idiot voice) “Mr.L are you comparing Sarah Palin to the Pope?”   No dummies– I am not. But I am saying that the circumstances between the Pope’s resignation and Palin’s are similar.  Not the health part. Praise God Sarah Palin is healthy and I hope she stays that way. Pope Benedict’s lesson, as well was Palin’s lesson was a lesson in humility and self-sacrifice.  Sarah Palin, like Pope Benedict, did the right thing. 
There’s a guy by the name of Dan Calabrese who wrote an article that was posted on a site called Motivation Truth.  And I just want to read something that he said here that pretty much says what I just told you about Palin and the Pope:
“It’s fine with me if Karl Rove doesn’t regard Sarah Palin as the kind of politician he wants to support, although I don’t see why it matters because she’s not running for anything. But I get really sick of people taking this particular cheap shot at her because her resignation was actually a rare instance of a politician sacrificing her position for the best interests of everyone involved. Palin was a good governor, although she didn’t hold the office for long, and she could have accomplished a lot more. But when faced with an environment that made it virtually impossible for her to do so, she did not choose to “fight” for the sake of herself or her political career, as so many politicians would. She stepped aside…”
More clearly from me as I will declare: If Sarah Palin is her biggest flaw is a resignation, then frankly she doesn’t have any faults.   
But in I disagree with him on one thing.  I actually want them to keep taking these juvenile cheap shots at her.  You know why?  They have a way of backfiring on those making them.  And in the end, I really believe, that when the reasons why she resigned continue to get out there due to some of this juvenile behavior from bloggers, writers and people like Sucker Carlson and Karl Rove, the more people will relate to her and her situation.
After she resigned and her book came out, Sarah Palin did a few interviews.  But you never saw any interviews where they really went in depth about why she resigned or even asking her about those parts in her book Going Rogue.  Why?  They don’t want it to get out because people will sympathize with it.  People can relate to being caught in the middle of something where things are out of your control and you have one hand tied behind your back trying to fight them.  It’s not like having the full protection and power of the White House behind you the way Barack Obama and Karl Rove did.
Governor Palin took an oath to protect and defend her state. By stepping down, she kept that oath. Americans are sick and tired of politicians and people like Karl Rove who base every decision and vote on how it will advance their personal political career.
People act like they never heard of a politician resigning before.  You think people don’t resign or, to use the juvenile term, “quit” every day.  Folks, especially you kids out there sitting on your computers thinking you know everything about the way the world works, listen to me carefully: life is not a scene from your favorite football movie like “Friday Night Lights” where the coach is in the locker room and he’s lecturing and telling you “don’t quit.”  Life is a little more complicated than that. 
Here you have people in the ruling class, people like Rove, who pass judgment and don’t understand it.  Why?  Well, Rove is right—he would’ve served out his full term.  If he could actually get elected.  Why? Because people with the ruling class mentality will do anything, spend however much, spend other people’s money, tax payer money, waste money, to hold onto their power.  Because that’s all megalomaniacs like them are concerned with—holding power.
But people do it you know. They resign.  I’ll use the crude term, the juvenile term by people who have a maturity level of lower than people in the 7thgrade, I’ll use the term “quit” for the following.  Newt Gingrich quit.  However, his quitting was somewhat of the same circumstances as Palin.  He was under assault from bogus ethics complaints from House Democrats and Bill Clinton calling him on it and some in his own party.  But many of those complaints were laughed out of committee that they were sent to.  Isn’t it hysterical that Democrats, people who have no ethics or scruples are always filing ethics complaints?
What about disgraced Demoncat congressman, Mr. loudmouth,  Anthony “I sent pics of my junk all over the internet” Weiner?  Yeah, he quit.  Weiner, the shameless hack that he is, he’s contemplating running for Mayor of NYC.  What about disgraced Demoncat congressman Jessie HiJackson, Jr.   He quit.  He actually quit from the Mayo Clinic.  No, he didn’t quit working at the Mayo Clinic, he actually quit because he was IN the Mayo Clinic for psychiatric evaluation!  Because that’s what spineless ruling class idiots like Jackson and others do when they misuse campaign funds and are charged with fraud.  WhA! I’m depressed.  I need help!  WHA!  What about Sen. John Ensign?  He was another one the establishment was throwing out there for 2012 right after the 2008 election.  He quit.  Having an affair with his aide while married.  What about Mark Sanford? Another full term Governor who had to quit over an affair.  And he’s another one that the establishment is supporting him as he’s running for Senate.  What a joke!
Know the difference between Palin and those politicians—her resignation had no scandal.  That’s another fact they don’t want getting out there. After you had the media pouring over thousands of pages of emails from Palin’s term as governor, even the media was forced to concede that Palin was a conscientious, transparent, and effective public servant.
Amazing.  You have liberals who constantly argue for no absolutes. These people encourage freeing a person from a bad situation. All day long they’re out there, yeah do what you want—pick a new path in life.  Choose your own mountain top.  Whatever goes, goes, and no absolutes.  A married man like Anthony Weiner throws his penis all over the internet.  He throws his penis at young girls and the Dems say “no absolutes it’s okay if he runs for Mayor.”
And here a woman resigns because she refuses to play their game and she chooses to pick a battle ground to her liking so that she can progress and they don’t like it.  All of a sudden they’re looking for the absolutes—she quit, she’s over she’s done!  And she’s not and that’s why they hate her.  They just cannot get rid of her and she won’t go away and the thing that scares them the most is the day when they go from calling her “quitter or ½ termer” to calling her President Palin.  Yeah that day will suck for them.  I will be the happiest friggin man on the planet if that happens. Wearing a shit eating grin that will be seen from miles away.  
Folks, an oath of office or anything you set out to do or agree on doing—it’s not a suicide pact.  How many people resign? How many people pick a new path in life?  Are they all quitters?  You don’t think people can’t relate to what she did?  Ever look at the divorce rates today?  50 percent of marriages end in divorce in America today.  That’s quitting.  Ever look at the college dropout rates today?  Nearly 30 percent of college students who took out loans dropped out of school. That’s quitting. 
What about J. Christian Adams the whistle blower in the Justice Department?  He called out Obama and Holder on their backwards-assed, racially charged policies and the way they run the Justice Department and the Black Panther case.  He had to “quit.” He did the right thing!
I remember reading this story out of the NY Post last year about a guy who owned a family deli in the Bronx near Yankee Stadium.  It was there for years.  Owner decided that he was going to close down and either retire or go do something else.   Why?  He was being harassed by the Health Department with thousands of dollars in fines for what they claimed was violations he was committing.   And he kept a clean place, but because the NY Health Department is such a big bureaucracy it was hard to fight the violations.  The owner said he tried to contact them about the violations, but of course, the government being how they are, they ignore his claims.  So what does he do?  It’s what a lot of people do.  You go do something else. 
There’s an old saying—you can’t fight city hall.
By the way, Mark Levin reminded us that George W. Bush, Karl Rove’s old boss, left in the middle of his term to run for president.  I would like to remind people that Karl Rove quit a year before Bush left office in 2008.   Why did Rove do that?  Well, many people forget that Karl Rove is a man who was targeted by the left when he used to be a threat.  Now, he sides with the left in his cheap attacks on good conservatives like Sarah Palin.  But Rove was a man, never forget, who narrowly escaped being indicted over the Valerie Plame scandal. 
Let’s not forget that many in the conservative movement believe that Karl Rove was responsible for leaving a lot of good congressman in the wind in 2006 and that loss of the House, which then led to Obama having a super-majority, was Rove’s fault.  Rove was a chief adviser to George Bush and when Rove was interviewed about his resignation IE “quitting” there was not one word about some of the things that Rove and Company advised Bush on that turned out to be disastrous.  Things like entitlement expansion aka spending, the Dubai ports debacle, amnesty for illegals, Harriet Meyers, no…none of that is discussed.  No, Rove just did most people in the ruling class who, when this happens, they cite the reason “I’ve got to spend more time with the family.”  All of a sudden they’re looking to be with their family. 
I don’t think Sarah Palin cited that as a sole reason when she resigned.  Although, we know that she does do that, she does quality family time.  No, when she resigned I believe she said she was going to get her message of conservatism out there, help other conservatives get elected in 2010, 2012, 2014, and who knows what’s after that.  So, she’s doing exactly what she set out to do. 
Is she going to run for president in 2016?  I don’t know.  I really hope she does. There’s a phenomenon going on twitter this #SarahPalinDoes in response to Sucker Carlson’s comment that he “didn’t know what she does” exactly.  Well, hundreds of tweets later, the people told Sucker.  I fired off a couple.  I tweeted #SarahPalinDoes belong in the White House. 
I cited Peggy Noonan before.  In her article, she says “There is an old saying, God has already chosen the next pope, but it’s up to the cardinals to figure out who God’s choice is.  She cites a  historian who observes: “That doesn’t mean they’ll figure it out.” He remembered Benedict saying long ago, when he was a cardinal, “The role of the Holy Spirit in the conclave is to prevent us from electing a pope who will completely destroy the church.”
Well it could be easily said that if God has already chosen the next Pope for the church, then it’s likely he’s already chosen the next president of the United States.  And it doesn’t mean that the American sheeple voter will be able to figure out who his pick is and, sadly, that’s God’s big punch line to the joke. 
And since the Holy Spirit took a powder in 2012, we have an American president Barack Obama who is completely destroying the nation.   And so whoever God’s pick is, you should pray to Him that it’s someone whose priorities are rebuilding the nation and not pleasing Boomtown Beltway snobs or rebranding political parties.  And that’s the deal with that. 

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