Why I Don't Stand With Grandstanding Rand

Sometimes it’s tough being a lone voice in the wilderness. But someone has got to say it.  Last night’s thirteen hour filibuster should’ve been about rejecting Obama’s nominee John Brennan for Director of the CIA.  Instead, the filibuster served as a platform for Rand Paul to air out old civil libertarian grievances against the Bush administration regarding national security. How quickly do people forget that Paul voted YES to three of Obama’s past nominees—John Kerry, Chuck Hagel and the fiscal socialist Jack Lew.   No doubt, Paul used this opportunity to politically grandstand for the 2016 presidential election.  However, the opportunity was missed to discuss Islamic radicalism in America and Brennan’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, as well as his involvement in the cover up of the September 11th 2012 massacre in Benghazi.  For these reasons, I do not stand with Rand Paul.
Oh yeah and to those republicans who voted for Brennan after they dined with Obama, you suck too. 

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