My Email To NY Alderman & Arrogant Punk Dave Marston

About seven days ago, a woman in upstate New York wrote a simple email in support of gun rights to Alderman Dave Marston (D) Hudson City, NY.  Mr. Marston then sent Mrs. Johnson Smith a hate filled reply that you can read along with the full story here.   As a New York resident, I do not normally email my political representatives because many of them are Democrats.  Unless you support their ideology, your message will be ignored and thrown into a trash bin. 
This time I made an exception.  The worm has since made a statement to a few others who wrote to criticize him for his unhinged reply to a fairly reasonable initial email.  He states that he “accidentally” sent it, which is just a real cheese ball and cowardly excuse.  However, it’s an insight into liberal Democrat pathology.  That is, “I didn’t mean  to send it, therefore, I didn’t really mean to say it.”  You know, it all depends “what is, is.”
In the words of Hillary Clinton: “What difference does it make?”  Whether you accidentally sent it or not—you intentionally wrote it. 
My email to this punk is as follows:
Mr. Marston:
You should be happy to know that you’re slowly graduating from a local disgrace to a national disgrace.
Read here and here.
You should declare yourself no longer fit to serve and step down immediately.  Not for even for the reason you sent that idiotic and juvenile rant, but because you were stupid enough to send it and not realize that it would eventually circulate.

You sir are the epitome of the arrogance and tyrannical nature of today’s Democrat Party. I recall during the George W. Bush years, you liberals whining about “dissent is patriotic” and, when Bush passed the Patriot Act, I heard you pansies whine “we mustn’t let a small group of terrorist allow government to infringe on our constitutional rights.”  And here you are now, liberal Democrat, reacting with pure bile laced hatred at a constituent who is simply protesting a government official like yourself who wishes to—little by little—take away her rights and the rights of others in New York state. 

And over what?  Just like with Bush after 9/11, because of the henios acts of a few in our society—this time not a Muslim terrorist but a lone killer in Connecticut—you’re allowing that as your excuse to steal people’s liberties.  

In short, you liberal Democrats are no different than Rockefeller Republicans.
Your hatred of the average individual concerned about their constitutional rights is appalling.  God only knows what evils you people would be capable of if left to your own devices and with no opposition. 
Your comment to Ms. Smith about the “unemployed” is a disgrace.  If your commander and chief understood the basic fundamentals as to how the US economy works after 4 1/2 years then,  according to your twisted logic, there would be a lot less angry people in this country. 
Like most Democrats, you also need a course in remedial history.  Yes, the brown shirts were sinister jackbooted thugs.  But they were Hitler’s sinister jackbooted thugs.  And Hitler DID disarm Germany before slaughtering 13 million people.  As did Mao in China. As did Stalin in Russia. As did Castro in Cuba.  As did any other tin horn dictator did throughout history when they wanted to enslave the masses. 
My BOY, if you want to get a good look at a jackbooted brown shirt–all you have to do is look into a mirror.
“When fascism comes to America, it will not be in brown and black shirts. It will not be with jackboots. It will be suits and smiley shirts.” – George Carlin

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