Anti Sarah Palin Video Is A Fraud and WAS NOT Created by Mr.L

This morning I was notified by a twitter friend that an anti Sarah Palin video was posted this week and the poser who uploaded it claimed to be me.   I could only imagine what type of cretin is responsible for this.  I still do not understand how YouTube would allow someone, without a YouTube account, to post a video like this using my screen handle “mrltavern”.  I’ve had that YouTube account since 2007 and it has been in good standing ever since.  When you click on the “mrltavern” under the video in question, you will see that the fraud account doesn’t exist. 
I thought when you post a video on YouTube you needed an account.  I also thought when you sign up for an account, you cannot use someone else’s screen name when doing so.  It boggles my mind how YouTube and Google allow such a fraud to take place.
The video is idiotic with plenty of selective jump cutting and editing of interviews of Sarah Palin throughout the years.  A conservative YouTuber could easily make the same kind of video of all Obama’s gaffes and blunders over the years.  I’d like to say that I’m outraged by this, but then I think of the miserable no life soul who is behind the fraud and all that goes through my mind is pure pity.  Yes, like Mr.T—I, Mr.L, pity the fool. 
I’ve since filed a copyright complaint with You Tube.  If you’re outraged by this fraud you can do what fellow conservative blogger and friend Mark America did:
Flag the video. With the flagging, select “Fraud/scam” under the heading of misleading, and I include a description such as: This user is attempting to impersonate another user in a very misleading way. If you click on the “mrItavern” link, it shows that the third character is actually a capital “i” instead of a lowercase “L” and that this user is attempting to mislead viewers into believing he is the actual MR L who has a popular YouTube channel. Here’s the real Mr. L:  This must violate some policy for fraud.  Please remove the video ASAP.
Since many complaints have already been filed, nothing has been done.  Perhaps the Google/YouTube people are off for the weekend and hopefully the video will be removed when the weekend warriors return from their Valhalla of Decadence on Monday morning. 

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