Send Sarah Palin A Birthday Gift – Donate To Sarah PAC On 2/11/13

****This message is not approved or endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin, her staff or political action committee. 

As many Palinistas know, Monday February 11, 2013 is Sarah Palin’s birthday.  Many Palin supporters thought it would be cool to send Sarah a donation of $25 dollars or more to SarahPAC on 2/11/2013.  
Since her departure from Fox News, Gov. Palin vowed to use the $1.2 million dollars she has raised and devote it to help “shake up” the GOP machine in the year ahead.  Let’s give her a little extra boost on her birthday!
With all of the inside baseball shenanigans coming from Karl Rove and the republican establishment, it’s a relief to have someone like Sarah Palin out there speaking on behalf of the grassroots conservative movement.   
Gov. Palin’s anti establishment message isn’t just empty rhetoric.  She has lived it.  She fought the establishment on both sides while coming up through the political trenches in Alaska.  Never forget that Gov. Palin was one of the first targets of  the GOP establishment shortly after the 2008 elections. 
So donate—that is—if you can swing it in this horrible Oconomy. We know, times are tough.

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