Sarah Palin Shall Thrive While Old Media Dies

Sarah Palin leaves Fox News and media liberals and moderate republicans rejoice.  With knee-jerk hatred they say “she’s done, dead, over.”  How many times have Palin supporters heard this song?   I review some distorted reports about Palin’s so called demise.  Hey haters, did you hear Sloppy Joe McGinniss the lying plagiarist has terminal cancer?  Yeah, karma’s a ____.  If the media types want to see something truly “dead, done, over or irrelevant” they should look in a mirror.  Does Palin’s decline to continue her contract with Fox News point to 2016?  To Palin haters in the media and blogosphere: please keep declaring her “over, dead, done and irrelevant.”  Palin has a tendency in succeeding in things when people tell that she can’t or shouldn’t. She has a track record of proving those people wrong.

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