Progressive Liberals Only Want 2nd Amendment Rights When "Right Wingers" Are In Charge

I first came across this post at the site I Own theWorld.  It didn’t really have a description to it and since it is essentially a pro 2nd amendment/right to self defense ad produced by MTV, bells started to go off.   
Why would MTV produce a pro 2nd amendment ad where the government takes average citizens from their homes by arms?  Don’t think it’s pro 2nd amendment?  What else would stop armed men from the government who are storming your house and herd you and your family out like sheep to slaughter?   Of course, the end slogan to the message is a very innocuous word: “think.”  Well, the only thing I would “think” about doing after seeing an ad like that is to go out the next day and shop for a gun.    
Wait, I thought…did MTV all of a sudden drop the hope and change progressivism they fell for in 2008?  No.  This MTV ad is, of course, from 2007 or 2008.  You know, during the Bush years and with the threat of possibly another republican president being elected for another four more years.   During our current 2nd amendment skirmishes in this country that are going on today, pro 2nd amendment conservatives, independents and constitutionalists of all stripes–don’t be fooled by the rhetoric.  Progressive liberals in this country are no strangers to using fear to push their agenda against their enemies.  
Enemies = you, me, we. 
While progressive liberal democrats stand bold with their chests thumping to “control” guns in America today, please know that they’re only doing so because they have a Democrat in the White House and also control the Senate.  If the shoe were on the other foot, these frauds and hucksters would not be looking to even entertain such a debate on guns, no matter how many people killed in a shooting.
No…they may need to have their gun rights.  After all, someday the right wingers will take over government— and the progressives will need their guns to start the revolution!  Hey, I didn’t say it. Just check out James O’Keefe’slatest expose on the LowHud Journal snooze-paper and his hidden camera interview with Bob Braun, propagandist at the NJ Star Ledger.  What I just described is exactly what Braun’s progressive, left wing friend told him.   It’s how they think folks.  It ain’t right….but it’s how they think. 

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