Obamacrats Will Not Let Newtown Crisis Go To Waste

Discussing the tragic Newtown, Connecticut killings of 20 innocent children and several adults at the Sandy Hook School.  A senseless and heinous act committed by an obvious mental case is turned into a gun control debate by liberals in the media while the dead bodies are still warm.  Obama and his Obamacrats in the media, people like Alex Wagner on the media short bus known as MSNBC, No Labels fraud David Frum, Michael Bloomberg and others all use this tragedy to promote their anti gun agenda.  As usual, they ignore the facts and statistics involved.  Guns do not kill people.  People kill people.  Sarah Palin puts out a statement of sorrow for the victims and families. Leftists attack her for doing so.  Please know that if you did such a thing, you are in no way different than the sick bastard who committed these crimes. You are nothing more than a sufferer of the same sociopathic psychosis as the killer. Obamacrats and Thomas Sowell’s “Vision’s of the Anointed.”   Why it may be progressive liberal do- gooder policies that allowed this heinous act and others like it to be committed.

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