Thinking About God's Genius In Upside Down America

After watching the genius documentary called “Genius” got me thinking about God and Christ. Does the Lord work in mysterious ways?  I do not profess to be a prophet, but with our current upside down culture in America today—and the world, it’s hard not to feel God’s presence and think that it is HE who is trying to tell us how bad things are in society.  Re-election of Obama—upside down.  The organized left protesting people’s right to work, but support rights to kill the unborn—upside down.  Federal government saying it will enforce marijuana laws when they refuse to enforce immigration laws—upside down.  “Genius” a documentary that uses one of pop culture’s most loved figure, John Lennon, to get people thinking about God.  What exactly would society be like if we didn’t not have faith in God, Christ, that gave us the Bible, 10 Commandments, morality and ethics?   Answer: Society would be much, much worse.

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