The GOP Doesn’t Have A Branding Problem. It Has A Communication Problem.

It’s said in this article that the biggest surge of immigration in modern U.S. history occurred in the mid-1990s to early 2000s when the economy was booming.  That’s telling and could mean that a great number of them prefer to come here during periods of economic prosperity, and not during times of economic decline that America is facing today.

I still do not believe that granting blanket amnesty is the answer for the republican party or America.  One republican president, Ronald Reagan, did so during a booming economy.  He did this under the agreement that giving 3 million illegals amnesty was the bargain and the immigration system would be overhauled in the legislature.  As usual with the Democrats, they didn’t respect the agreement with Reagan and here we are today.
Reagan’s good faith move reaped no benefit nor did it make any significant gain to bring such voters to the GOP.  The next was Jorge Bush who tried to push amnesty.  He received extreme backlash for such a move 2007.  Then the GOP thought the answer was running Juan McCain, the most pro amnesty and illegal immigrant friendly politician that the country has ever seen.  It still didn’t work.  Like I said in my last segment about the spirit of the undefeated in this country—our values ie: pro life, respect for religion, religious traditions, traditional marriage, rule of law & fiscal prosperity & freedom—all resonate with immigrant groups.  Our values cross the racial and cultural divide.

Democrat/ liberal/progressive values are the polar opposite.  Do immigrants know who the democrats are? Do they know what they stand for? Are we still going to let another generation of immigrants believe that the Democrats are the “party for the little guy”, while conservatives and republicans are the party of the evil and heartless rich?
Instead of picking nominees or leaders of the party who are going to allow themselves to be called racist, sexist, homophobic,___,____ how about exposing who–democrats, liberals, progressives or whatever the hell they call themselves these days– are! They are of the party of pro death, not pro choice. They are the party who wish to destroy Christian values and traditions in America. They are the party of five S’s: slavery, secession, segregation, socialism, and the slaughter of infants as some 50 million unborn have been slaughtered since Roe vs. Wade.
Folks, the reason the immigrants who came to the United States in the 1900s—mainly from Eastern and Western Europe—and contributed the greatest to this country and helped shape the greatest generation that America has ever seen in contemporary history, wasn’t because they wanted to get free rubbers, kill babies and marry the same sex. They came here to flee a land of corruption, death, despair, tyranny, socialism and communism. America was the last stop for many of them who wanted to never return to the old world. In short, they left some of the same things that democrat socialists like Barack Obama wish to impose on America today. Sad to say, low information immigrant voters are George Soros and his puppet Obama’s necessary idiots to keep folks like them in power. Low info and, especially, immigrants need to have this communicated to them.
I have a feeling that the current migrants in this country are not coming here for the rubbers, baby killing and gay marriage either. Many of them come here for a better life. However, American culture is poisoning them. Whether it’s a Marxist who could never be anything higher than a professor at a community college or from the sewer pipe known as Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90210—it doesn’t matter. It still the same poison.
This is a war. In any war, there is a propaganda campaign. Currently, the right is losing this war. We’re losing it because we do not have people in places of power who can–or even have a vested interest– in communicating our core values that I mentioned above to the low info or immigrant population.
More disgracefully, we have people currently controlling the opposition party aka the republican party, who continuously nominate such folks who cannot wage an effective propaganda war, infiltrate the culture, and relate—or downright run from our core values and principles.
Governor Sarah Palin has many times that the planks of the republican party on which it was founded are fine.  It’s the politicians within the party who constantly “wuss out” that’s the problem.

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