Mitt Romney, Ron Paul & GOPe Only To Blame for 4 More Years of Obama

Elections have consequences. Proof of that is with Obama’s post election press conference.  Meet the new Obama, same as the old Obama.  Who’s to blame for the loss?  Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and the Republican establishment.  Blame them and blame often. Conservatives were right, GOPe were wrong: Mitt Romney shouldn’t have been the nominee. Ron Paul is to blame by acting as a Romney campaign surrogate, helping Mitt secure the nomination and then ultimately lose the election to Obama.  Some dude at Red State apologizes to Sarah Palin. Rand Paul has evolved into a Democrat.

A compelling message from an angst ridden conservative New Yorker:

A long 10 days of darkness and cold due to destructive wind, rain, and snow produced a certain kind of anxiety and frustration all too familiar living in Westchester, NY. As depressing as that was, it paled in comparison to an even more foreboding darkness of spirit after the disaster of Election Day 2012.

That night, in an emotionally crushing but not entirely surprising manner, our electoral resistance suffered a severe setback – resistance to the occupation (“Occupy Wall Street” has officially become “Occupy America”), to the “revengers” (remember the electorate was encouraged to “vote for revenge” by this president), to the looters, the destroyers and their regime. Most heartbreaking is the notion that so many good, decent, hard-working people allowed themselves to be deceived, divided, indeed balkanized, and manipulated by a malevolent demagogue and a documented fraud, elevated and supported by a corrupt, immensely powerful and determined political machine-union thug-media complex… once again. What do they think they won? – Well, the bread and circuses certainly continue in the form of food stamps, political payoffs/paybacks, and sex scandals.
For the half of Americans who saw through the con since the beginning – it’s Ground Hog Day. For the other half – how bad does he need to be before he is stopped? How many more lies will be tolerated? How many more people need to die? How many more trillions? How many more wars?… Well, 8 to 9 million Democrats confronted the reality of their party this time around. Sadly, 2 to 3 million Republicans simply gave up on theirs.
In any case, as the post-election dust settles, it’s a new day. Perhaps this is where we need to be as a nation. Perhaps there hasn’t been enough pain, enough farce, corruption and betrayal – inflicted by both sides of the political establishment…

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