GOPe Hoping for Romney Loss to Run Jeb Bush in 2016?

In this segment, I cover an article that conservative talk host Mark Levin tweeted out on 10/16/12.  The article published by NY Magazine shows how some in the moderate wing, with less than 20 days from election day, are secretly hoping Romney loses so that the GOPe can run Jeb Bush in 2016.  Usual nameless & faceless unnamed republican sources cited.  I explain why running for president of the USA should only be about rehabilitating the country & not a legacy.  After this election, we as conservatives are going to have to have a battle with the moderate/liberal wing of the GOP once & for all.  We’re going to have to have that battle in order to make the republican party the party of Reagan, Palin, Gingrich & West & not Bush, Huntsman, Christie.

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