Obama & DNC Deserve No More Years

Conservatives, Republicans & Independents: GOD is trying to tell you something. The Democrat National Convention Freak Show of 2012 was the biggest get out the vote advertisement that the Republican presidential ticket could ever dream. Obama, Biden, Granholm, Pelosi, Reid & the rest of the DNC are evil, wicked liars that must be defeated.  If you’re going to stand in line to buy a deep fried chicken sandwich, you can go vote to get your country back on the right track. Obama/DNC’s plan for another four years is more of the same and therefore THEY DESERVE NO MORE YEARS.

Also, MAJOR caveat to what I said here is as always: Romney needs to grow a pair. A gigantic pair. He cannot rely on conservative talk radio and bloggers to do the heavy lifting for him. All the average person can do is vote. That’s it. So he needs to prove to the American people that he doesn’t have Ken Doll genitalia and grow a large pair and destroy Obama. Because if Romney keeps up with the nice guy class act nonsense Obama & the DNC will destroy him, as evident from the speakers, Obama/Biden demonstrated at the DNC freak show this week. If he loses Mr. Electable will go down in history as Mr. Loser and should NEVER be taken seriously for ANY presidential run ever again.

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