Re-Mail This Bumper Sticker To Someone Who Wants It

Today I received in the mail yet another piece of campaign literature from the Mitt Romney campaign.  This one came with a bumper sticker.  I sent it back to them along with this letter.  I plan on sending one to Reince Priebus’ office as well.  Folks, allow me to be clear–I am not directing anyone to do anything.  If you feel like you need to support the RNC and Mitt Romney out of fear of Obama’s 2ndterm, I understand.  But after what the Republican Party and the Romney campaign pulled this week on the convention floor—as a conservative—there is only so many times that I can get kicked in the teeth and keep smiling.  –Mr.L 
To the Mitt Romney campaign and the Republican National Committee:
Enclosed is the free bumper sticker you sent via US Mail.  I am returning it so that you may re-mail it to someone else who has the pride to put it on their car.  Here’s why I am returning it:
I recently learned that members of your campaign, legal advisors, Gov. John Sununu and Speaker of the House John Boehner, engaged in a power grab on the floor of the convention hall in Tampa.  Apparently, you all went ahead and made changes to certain rules concerning who picks delegates.  After some research, I realize the only purpose for such an unnecessary move is to have top down control over which delegates get picked to attend future conventions.  

Let me stress this point: I am not a supporter of Ron Paul.  Neither is anyone in my family.  We have nothing in common with the Congressman’s ideology.  This is not about Ron Paul.  This is about Mitt Romney, the RNC and the Washington, D.C. GOP establishment trying to diminish good grassroots conservative voters.  The same grassroots conservatives who knock on doors, stuff envelopes, make calls, and send money for the GOP election after election.  These are conservatives who, for years, have been trying to steer the GOP in the right direction.    
Let’s face it; these rules are being forced upon us because you wish to quell intra party debate in the future.  These rules are being implemented out of the fear that Gov. Mitt Romney may be challenged in 2016 by certain formidable figure in the GOP—that identifies with the grassroots conservative base—should Mr. Romney renege on his campaign promises of 2012. 
That is IF he actually wins.  This push for top down power was unnecessary and shouldn’t have been executed at a national convention.  Conventions are a time for healthy intra party debate, but also a time when we unite against the DNC and the worst president of modern time—Barack Obama.   This power grab on your behalf will likely turn off many conservative republicans who were already having a hard time wrestling with the idea of supporting and voting Gov. Romney for president. 
I fall into that category.  After being a registered republican for over 15 years, lifelong conservative, and someone who has donated time, money and resources for the party, I do not feel like I can support this party like I have in the past.  I also plan to leave the Republican Party and register as conservative or independent.  I’m frankly no longer thrilled to be a part of a party that strives to be Democrat-Lite.  

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