A National Disgrace—Lt. Michael Behenna Conviction Upheld

This week, a national disgrace occurred.  This is, in fact, a stain on the American military.  The highest military appeals court has upheld Army Ranger 1st  Lt. Michael Behenna’s conviction for the so called premeditated murder of a detainee and al-Qaeda-operative in Iraq named Ali Mansur. While Michael still could receive clemency, his legal appeals are now over with this latest ruling. Without clemency, Michael will remain at Leavenworth military prison until 2024.
Since Michael was convicted by a Kangaroo military court in 2009, the national media has essentially ignored this case.  Michael’s mother Vicki, has made appearances on his behalf in local media markets of their home state of Oklahoma.  She has also gone on a few national radio talk shows.  In 2010, I was honored to have her as a guest on my show where she discussed Michael’s case in detail.  That interview is included with this clip. 
I would encourage you to visit www.defendmichael.comto read further details surrounding this case.  I encourage you to donate to Michael’s legal fund and to inquire about future plans to help get Michael clemency so that he could be released.   I also encourage you to send Michael a letter of encouragement and support at the address below. 
Michael Behenna #87503
1300 N. Warehouse Road
Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027-2304

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