Why I Will Not RAH-RAH For Romney

After my last segment on the Ron Paul and Mitt Romney collusion, some PaulTards and PaulQaeda have accused me of secretly supporting Mitt Romney.  Like all of the other conspiracy theories they either drum up or blindly follow—it’s a ridiculous lie. 

Since 2010, when it was clear to me and others that the Republican establishment was anointing the next in liner Romney, I clearly made my voice heard that for a moderate Republican like Romney to go up against Barack Obama in 2012 would be a disaster.
Also, it’s come to my attention that some bloggers, pundits, Tweeps, Facebookers,Tea Party folk and plain old conservatives, who once supported non-Romney candidates are now enthusiastically RAH RAH-ing for Mitt Romney.
Let me make this clear:  I will not RAH-RAH for Romney.

Make no mistake, I do not consider some of these formerly ABR (Anybody But Romney) people with the rank and file Romney-bots who flood political groups or forums on the internet.  You know the type.  They join groups or forums only to brow beat and insult those conservatives who still do not approve or trust Mitt Romney.  They will call you anti-American, liberal, anti-Mormon, pro-Obama, and issue advance blame on those who are uncertain they’ll vote for Romney in the Fall as responsible for the country going down in flames if Obama is re-elected. 
That kind of behavior has not or never will be tolerated by me.  If you are an ABR and feel that you must get in the game to help Romney, I stress that you do not act like the rank and file arrogant scum Romney supporter that I have encountered.   This type of behavior only pushes people—already leery of Romney—further away from supporting him. 
However, I do understand why some former ABR voters want to now support and vote for the former Massachusetts Governor.   I understand that you see Romney as the only candidate left.  You believe that four more years of Barack Obama will be devastating to the nation.  You see headlines where Rev. Jeremiah Wright admits that he was instrumental in helping Obama leave the religion of Islam and convert to Christianity.  You either fear or get pissed off at Obama’s constant trampling over the Constitution, bypassing Congress with Executive Orders and illegal appointments to push his radical agenda, bowing to enemies, crapping on allies, spending the nation into oblivion, class warfare dividing, double talking, lying, etc.
I get it.  You see Mitt Romney as an exit sign off the Obama liberal progressive superhighway. You see Romney as the breaks that will slow down the car before it goes off the road to ruin. 
While I get all that, it is impossible for me and others to support and RAH-RAH for Romney because the wounds of this election inflicted by the Romney campaign—aided and abetted by the Republican establishment and the Bush family—are too deep.   These wounds inflicted have been as follows:
1—The relentless Mitt Romney and Republican establishment attacks on Former Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin that began on November 5th, 2008.   
2—Mitt Romney, aided by the GOP elite, conducted a scorched Earth campaign in the primaries.  In my opinion, this GOP primary has been one of the most corrupt this county has seen in modern times. 
3—I believe that Romney and the GOP EST  urged certain candidates—who wouldn’t have jumped in otherwise—to enter the race to split the Tea Party conservative vote.  Suspects are: Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and Herman Cain.  I would be willing to bet my life that Michele Bachmann and, most assuredly, Ron Paul were outright stalking horses for Mitt Romney since the beginning of the campaign. 
4—Romney and GOP EST still continues to diss the Tea Party and conservatives.  As Ronald Reagan biographer Craig Shirley noted in a recent article, “While conservatives have for more or less the past 48 years, chosen the Republican Party as the most convenient vehicle through which to seek elective office, the Republican Party has by no means adopted the conservative agenda as its governing philosophy.”  And the GOP has continued this philosophy for the past 4 years.
5—I will not lower myself to defend Mitt Romney and his questionable positions on some very important issues that affect the nation ie: Health Care, big government and energy.  
Mitt Romney and the GOP EST are on their own as far as I’m concerned.  If they’re so savvy on how to win and who is “most electable” they should have no trouble winning or need any help from us.  
And if Romney wins, I strongly suggest that people do not fall back to sleep and think that, just because there is a Republican in the White House, we have nothing to worry about the direction of the country—spending, repeal of Obama care and the growth of government.  Mitt Romney should be monitored as closely as Barack Obama was.
I will continue to expose Barack Obama’s anti American leftist agenda, support down ticket races and Sarah Palin endorsed candidates and donate to SarahPac and other great patriotic organizations like AforP, True the Vote and local and national Tea Party organizations. 
There’s a lot of work to do but I, as well as others, will not be doing it for Mitt Romney or the Republican establishment.
Mr.L’s Tavern

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