Vanity Fair Article, Obama's Woman Complex and Sarah Palin

Vanity Fair Article on Obama More Proof GOP Made Mistake Discouraging Palin
What do a popular radio talk show host, two female Governors, two authors and a white Aussie woman who once dated Pres. Barack Obama back in the day have in common? 
They’ve all exposed what Obama and close confidants in his administration do  not want revealed—perhaps the president has psychological hang ups when it comes to women.

This week in a Vanity Fair article called Young Barack In Love by David Maraniss reveals a few of Obama’s former gal pals in an article  On the whole, the article is a monotonous fluff piece highlighting twenty something year old Barack Obama meanderings around New York City back in the 1980s.  What is interesting is the excerpts from the diary of Genevieve Cook.   Cook was an Australian white woman who admitted to shacking up with Obama during what he has called his “lost period.”

At CPAC last February, the late Andrew Breitbart said that he planned to do a thorough vetting of Barack Obama in the coming months.  Sadly he passed away, but his Big sitescontinue to do the job of vetting the president that the mainstream media did not do.   Some believe that the tapes of Obama paling around with Prof. Derrick Bell—an advocate of the controversial Critical Race Theory—fell short.

As some may believe that the discovery of some of Obama’s lost girlfriends, all conveniently hidden from the media in 2008, is not a story as well. Well, that all depends on what you believe a story is.  It’s kind of like watching a horror film and, before you watch it, you know what is going to scare you and what will not.  Some people need shock and gratuitous gore.  If that element is not in the movie—it’s not horror to them.  I prefer suspense and the creep factor.  If that element is not in the movie—it’s not real horror to me.

So while the stories of Obama shacking up with some white chick in a West Side flat in 1983 or, hanging with a racist professor on the campus of Harvard didn’t wow you, it doesn’t matter.  They’re not supposed to wow you.  These stories are not put forth for shock value in the hopes of immediate impeachment of the president.  These stories– will slowly drip, drip, drip out in the months to come while “I’m Barack Obama. I came, I saw, I killed bin Laden” fades away—will open up debate that was ignored by a complicit media in the past. 
Back to Barack Obama’s woman problem.  It’s another aspect of the president’s personality that wasn’t covered by those types of the Alphabet Soup Network variety who continue to huddle in his bullpen.  Just because they don’t report it doesn’t mean that you can’t think about it and decide, right?

In 2008, Michael Savage was one of the first to discuss Obama’s woman problem on his radio show.  The host deconstructed aspects of Barack Obama and his relationship with his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham.  Savage diagnosed Obama with a textbook Oedipal complex.  If you have the time listen to the compelling commentary later it’s here.
As usual, Vanity Fair is late to the dance in the search for Barack Obama’s girlfriends in the years BM (Before Michelle).  Writer Jack Cashill has been writing extensively for three years about Obama’s missing love life.  After 2008, the fact that the Obama campaign would not trot out ANY of the women he dated during the years of BM always seemed curious.  This was Obama was it not?  Golden-boy Junior Senator from the halls of Chicago corruption and soon to be King.  He was already painted as some kind of metro sexual stud.  So I, like Cashill, have always wondered—where were some of the women he dated or bedded?   Strange how they were all hidden away.
There’s the book Confidence Men by Ron Suskind where certain female staff members of the Obama administration have gone on record to say, if they were working in any other mainstream corporation or agency, Obama and other men in the administration would be considered arrogantly hostile towards women. 
When I review this story in Vanity Fair, I have to ask—why now?  Why are we reading about some story of Obama in love or lust, shacking up with different women, diary readings, poetry, and other such weepy happy horseshit now?   You have heard of the War on Women have you?  Apparently, the Democrats, since they cannot run on Obama’s record or on their own records in the Congress after jamming one unpopular and expensive—but historic—legislative achievement down American’s throats, they decided on demagoguery and fear mongering against the opposing party with a phony baloney accusation that Republicans have an agenda to take away a woman’s rubbers, pills and diaphragms. 
Well, it backfired.  Women aren’t buying it.  The majority of women in this country aren’t sex addle-brained women like Sandra Fluke, and they realize that rubbers, pills and diaphragms shouldn’t be the focus of political debate for the times.   Cash flow, groceries and gas prices are.  Again, in my opinion, this article was drummed up to try to win back these women.  You know, paint young Barack as Mr. Lovah-Lovah.  The mysterious brooding one with bedroom eyes who knows how to write mediocre poetry and tell you exactly what you want to hear.  Perhaps these sappy dopes will read this and run back to him.  Maybe they won’t.  It’s doesn’t matter to Obama Co.  Like anything else they tried in the past four years—just continue to throw random shit at the wall and whatever sticks….
Finally, there are two female Republicans who continue to put Obama on the defensive.  I’ve pointed out in a previous segment, this picture speaks volumes.  It’s Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on the tarmac greeting Obama with complaints that he and his White House have not followed through with her immigration concerns. 
Also, it is his Department of Injustice and Department of Homeland Stupidity that is actively working AGAINST the state of Arizona by not enforcing immigration laws. The picture also tells the story simply of another strong woman—much like his mother, grandmother, wife or mother in law Robinson—who threatens his already fragile ego and holds him accountable for his transgressions. Or perhaps it is reminiscent of a missing girlfriend who eternally told him what he does wrong in the sack.
And there is no other Republican female who threatens him more than the Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin.  In 2008, Barack Obama and his cohorts in the media really believed they would sail—with no adversity whatsoever—into the White House.  John McCain was the perfect foil to Obama’s slick, young coolness.  It was a done deal.  Then Sarah Palin was picked as his VP nominee and all hell broke loose for the Obama campaign.
After Palin’s RNC speech, Obama campaign staffers said they felt like they were “dropped on their heads.”  One Hillary Clinton staffer who worked with the Obama team said out loud to a full room “this woman is troooooouble.”  They simply didn’t know how to react to a telegenic, conservative politician who had—and still has—mad retail politicking skills.  One who could connect to so many different demographics of the American voting bloc. 
So Palin had to be destroyed.  Obama used his rat fink surrogates in the media to get their hands dirty for him.  But even the normally leveled Obama couldn’t help himself. Recall the very few times on the campaign trail where Obama, on live TV, went off script and made the “lipstick on a pig” comment directed at Palin.  He continues to be flummoxed by her even though she doesn’t not hold a title or is currently looking for one at this time.
Whether Palin is tweeting or Facebooking or politicking on the TV against Obama’s failed policies, she continues to remain a constant nuisance in his life.  Perhaps Palin reminds him of someone.  Perhaps Palin or women like her remind Obama of one Genevieve Cook.   A fair skinned, white, attractive woman who—who the Vanity Fair article says “had an energetic, independent, and at times exasperating mother, as he did, and burned with an idealism to right the wrongs of the world, as he did.” 
Sounds an awful lot like Sarah L.H. Palin to me.  It really is too bad that the Republican Party—filled with oafish wonks who are insistent on running nice guy campaigns that usually lose—were not exactly welcoming committee to Sarah Palin when she contemplated running for president before the 2012 primaries. I’ve said it once before that running a beautiful, strong, independent woman with an idealism to right the left winged wrongs of the world against Obama would not have been your average campaign.  It would’ve been psychological warfare against Obama.  And he would lose.
I will leave you with an excerpt from Pres. Skeezy’s former main squeezy Genevieve Cook.  Any runners in the house?   It’s you know, from the 1980s, and it’s about how a pretty woman asks a young Obama if he wants to sprint race.  He does and mocks her by implying that she would lose to him.  She doesn’t.  As you can read from the paragraph below—he doesn’t like it. 
Seriously, it’s a damn shame that we’re stuck with Mitt Romney. 
“On Sunday Barack and I raced, and I won. I ran so fast my body transformed itself onto another plane. We ran, he started off behind me and I just said to myself stay ahead, stay ahead and my body became a flat thin box w/ my arms and legs coming each precisely from a corner. And I didn’t know how long I could keep it up, but I was going to try—my whole sight concentrated on the lamp post when I felt him slow and yell you beat me, at first I thought he was giving up, but then I realized he’d meant the lamp post on the left and I’d really won! The feel of the race was exhilarating, but I didn’t feel very victorious. Barack couldn’t really believe it and continued to feel a bit unsettled by it all weekend, I think. He was more startled to discover that I had expected to win than anything else. Anyway, later in the shower (before leaving to see The Bostonians) I told him I didn’t feel that good about winning, and he promptly replied probably cos of feelings of guilt about beating a man. In which case, no doubt, he’d already discovered the obverse feelings about being beaten by a woman. Nevertheless, it was a good metaphor for me, despite, as I confessed to Barack, that in some ways it would have appeased some aspect of my self-image to have tried and lost. But I didn’t; I won.”

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