Michael Savage Should Take His Own Advice & Leave the Stage

Back again and continuing to practice the art of how to lose friends and distance myself from people.  Some of you aren’t going to like this, some of you may. Some might not even care.  But I feel like I need to talk about it.  Get it off my chest.  I’ve been wanting to do this and address this for a long time, probably going back since May 2011.  And even as far back as 2008, during the campaign season. 
I have this segment transcribed.   

When I was done with recording it I had a friend who is a fast typist listen to it and quickly transcribed it for me simply because I want this to be on record in written word as well as spoken word.  Which is, something that I don’t do for any of my segments.  And there will also be pictures and audio featured in that at my blog at mrltavern.blogspot.com And you can read the transcript there.
What I’m going to talk about is a popular radio talk show host Michael Savage, who apparently is the third largest talk show host in the nation, he says anyway, yet he continues to get dropped from affiliate after affiliate.  I know what some of you will say and have said to me any time that I’ve come out against this host, they’ve said, “Michael Savage? Why are you wasting your time listening to him.”  Or “he’s still on the radio?  Haven’t listened to him in years.” Or “I stopped listening to him a long time ago.  Or my favorite, I stopped listening to him a long time ago, the man literally depresses me, every time I listen to him.” 
Well, yes, I agree with that. I certainly have been a happier more upbeat person since I stopped listening to him completely in May.  But I have scanned through his show quickly over the months when people post the show in segments on Youtube, just to get a handle on which way his wind is shifting.  But I cannot listen to the show on the radio and anytime I’ve basically tried to come back as a listener I had to turn to turn him off. 
But yes, I used to listen frequently.  I started back in 2004 or 2005 whenever it was when he finally got syndicated to the New York market on WOR.  I was familiar with him only because of his short lived show on MSNBC.  I even got compared to him and sometimes still on several occasions, which is ok. I may remind people of him only because I have a similar deep voice and accent only due to the fact that I’m from the same area of New York that he is. 
But yeah, lately I don’t like the comparison.  Because, what he does and I do are not the same thing. I don’t like talking about my pets or what dinner I had last night or how tomato soup smells in a cafeteria. No.  The reason that I’m finally talking about this, I was on Facebook one evening and in this news and politics group that I belong to and I posted my past segments on Herman Cain.  And I had two lunatics really coming at me that they didn’t like that fact that I don’t buy into Herman Cain and I’m brave enough to do the proper vetting of the man, who I believe is a huckster fraud, which if you don’t want to address the fact that the man isn’t ready for prime time when other prominent conservatives are doing so, it’s simply downright dangerous and I can’t help you. 
But one of these nuts who accused me of slandering and mudslinging, turns around and then accuses me of “trying to sound like Dr. Savage.”  So I remembered in another segment I posted about Cain a day before, he was in there and he was claiming that this is what they did to Sarah Palin and that he was originally a Palin supporter.  And so he’s a Palin supporter and he listens to Michael Savage. Which is very interesting. 
And it proves to me how some of these dolts are misinformed and who they think are good conservatives.  Here’s this ding a ling comparing me to Savage, listens to Savage and claims to be a Palin supporter but isn’t aware that Michael Savage has to be the premiere basher of Sarah Palin for the past 4 years ever since she was thrust onto the national stage in 2008.  And it’s really one of the main reasons I stopped listening to Savage and will never listen to him ever again.  I believe the last time I listened to him was when Palin began the road trip in May.  He got on the air Monday and claimed “Is Sarah Palin the Paris Hilton of politics?”  Goodbye.  Talk about acting like those on the left.  This man has hurled insults at her that, in ways, are worse or on the same level of the attacks coming at her from the left. 
And again, like I said in one of my segments about Cain, don’t compare what Cain is going through what Palin has gone through with the media.  What Cain is going through isn’t slander, Cain and his campaign have brought this on themselves. Slander is when mainstream media supported bloggers claim that you’re child isn’t your own.  That’s slander.
Don’t believe me? This all started the week when John McCain picked Palin to be his VP.  Savage came on the radio that week and relentlessly attacked her and her family.  He called them white trash.  He said they looked like a family from the TV show Cops.  He said things that sounded like it was coming from MSNBC or Mother Jones. 
I wrote a blog about it at the time which I linked up on my blog. Again, if you’re listening to this on YouTube, there’s a transcript of this in the blog. You can read the blog I posted on September 8 2008 called “Michael Savage Needs To Stop Eating Bad Curry.”   I pointed this all out there.  I said there that the rumors that have surrounded Palin have been just that rumors and probably created by organizations like MoveOn.org and Media Matters who, ironically, are the same organizations that tried to ruin Savage’s career.
The worst thing he did in my opinion, downright ignorant in fact and extremely left wing on the part of Savage.  On his website that week, Savage gladly posted this picture, which turned out to be a fake, of Sarah Palin in a mini-dress.  And you can see the shot they took here, where Palin’s head was photo obviously photo shopped from this photo and put on to some unknown body. 

This photo was quickly exposed an obvious fake a day later.  Democrat Underground posted it was a fake after they had their fun with it.  But for Savage, the fun didn’t end and he disgracefully allowed that photo to remain on his website as the real deal for five days.  Okay? 
After that I stopped listening until well after the 2008 election.  He had a book out that I had pre ordered and I cancelled the order.  And I’ll never by another one of his books again.  I suggest that if you are a Palin supporter, you won’t either.  And if you do listen to his show and didn’t know this, you should turn him off.  I understand that the fiction book that he constantly promotes on his show tanked.  Yes, it debuted high on the NY Times bestseller list but then the next week it slipped right off.  He makes me sick because he uses conservatives to buy books and he states “Oh you have to buy my book to show the liberals that conservatives read and drive the market.” Go pound sand.  Go on a boat ride with Teddy in the Bermuda triangle.
And you can hear some of his bashing of Palin if you’re a supporter of hers, I posted them in the blog and transcript of this here here here
It’s funny in one of those clips of Savage bashing Palin that I included in the transcript of this segment, he makes the comment that when the electorate gets emotional and elects an unqualified,  making the comparison that Palin is as unqualified as Obama, meanwhile, just before I stopped listening to him he did a show.  It had to be right around the Japanese earthquake.  He had a caller who was talking to him about energy independence and whackjob environmentalists who continue to allow us to be held hostage to hostile nations over energy needs.  And here’s the great Dr. Savage, talking about how much oil and gas there is in Alaska and how we have to tap into it and why don’t we tap into it.  I’m sitting there laughing going, you dope!  You’ve been trashing and calling unqualified the very woman who got the transcontinental pipeline on Pt. Thomson moving again after the oil companies sat on the leases for decades.  She did it in 18 months. What a jerk off.
Now make no mistake, the man is talented and at times brilliant when exposing the radical aspects of Islam, talking about global warming, or how Obama was influenced by the Frankfurt Marcusi school. I remember he did a great psychological profile of Obama and his mother’s relationship.  But he’s far from consistent.  And I did turn him back on a few times in Winter of 2010.  And as Sarah Palin traversed around the country helping to get conservatives and Tea Party candidates elected that year, here he was again.  He opened a show playing Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man” calling her Dolly Parton and was accusing Palin of trying to co apt the tea party and ripping her in his usual elitist fashion, you know, the only way a former liberal could, calling her and her family white trash and that the Palins resemble a family on the show Cops.  And so I stopped listening again. I would only tune in every now and then and, like I said, I turned him off for a final time in May when he called Palin the Paris Hilton of politics and I don’t plan on listening any time soon. 
But I find it interesting how in one of those clips of Savage bashing Palin where he claims that another unqualified getting into the White House would be dangerous and yet he’s now backing Herman Cain.  And it’s interesting that he would accuse Palin of trying to co-apt the Tea Party back then and now backs Herman Cain.  At least Palin was out there from the beginning and actually helping conservatives win elections and not doing it for any other reason but trying to make a difference in the legislative branch but now Savage backs Cain, who helped no conservative win elections in the 2010 race, his endorsement meant nothing to anyone and now Cain is using the Tea Party for his own personal gain.  And my prediction is this: If Herman Cain gets the nomination and should go on to win the White House, it will be done because of Tea Party momentum and only that and once he gets in he will turn his back on the Tea Party.  Mark my words.
Oh and make no mistake, the only reason he’s backing Herman Cain is because Cain went on his show.   If Mitt Romney were to go on the Savage Nation tomorrow, Savage would throw his support to Romney.  People forget that Savage was pro-Romney at one point.  And up until I stopped listening to Savage in May, he was saying that Romney is the most qualified to beat Obama.
So the only thing Savage goes by really, when vetting a candidate is concerned, is that they come on his show.  If they don’t he’ll bash them.  Or he’ll get them on his show just to get their followers to listen in.  Like he did with Ron Paul.  Now, I hate Ron Paul with a passion.  But when I heard that he had Ron Paul on his show, I had a shit eating grin from ear to ear because I realized right then and there that Savage had jumped the shark.  Here’s a guy like Savage, Jewish, pro Israel.  He’s against Palestinians trying to get the land and all of that.  He’s trying to get Ron Paul supporters to listen to his show and his supporters are some of the most anti Jewish anti Israel on the planet.  Real shame he had this guy on because I thought Savage kept repeating that Paul was unelectable, which I happen to agree with.  Then has the guy on his show to help promote him running for president.  And you had all of these Paul bots running around the internet “Ron Paul on the Savage Nation” thinking that Savage liked Paul.  Typical of Paul bots.  When someone like Savage says one thing nice about Paul and they’re promoting him.  Next thing you know, Savage saying Paul looks like a baker.  Two weeks later. And then all the Paul bots call Savage a neo con again. Too funny.  It’s really sick.
But he’s done this with all the candidates.  I took note of his August 15th or 16th show, he was going over all the candidates.  He was originally supporting Michelle Bachmann.  Oh yeah, once Bachmann got a little high in the polls, he was singing her praises.  I remember that was around May when I stopped listening to him.  He was saying Bachmann’s the one, she can win and “You Betcha” is finished.  Of course, he meant Palin.  Months later Bachmann stopped coming on his show and that was it.  He then took credit for her falling poll numbers. 
He backed Trump too because Trump came on his show. Completely ignored Trump’s Democrat past, the money he donated to Democrats, thoughts on universal health care earlier. Trump stopped coming on Savage’s show and not taking his advice and Trump was finished. 
So Savage supported another flavor of the month Rick Perry.  Rick Perry had been on his show a few times.  You know, again,  it’s about consistency and Savage doesn’t have it.  One of Michael Savage’s calling cards was the fact that he knew about the illegal immigration issue more than any other talk show host in America.  Knowledge of illegal immigration as an epidemic in this country got him into radio.  And yet, he backs Rick Perry a man with a pretty bad record on illegal immigration.  Among other things.  But this is who Savage is. All a candidate has to do to get him and his crazy listeners to support any of them is go on his show!  Look the part, have the right hair, speak a certain way.  Savage is no different from Ann Coulter, Erick Erickson or Bill O’Reilly or anyone of these elitist Beltway pundits.   Oh, I believe Perry had made him an honorary admiral in Texas Navy I believe. I think he even sent him a hat.   Whoa. I guess Savage is a cheap date.  All it took was a hat to get an endorsement.
Don’t forget, over and over again and throughout the years, Savage has claimed that George W. Bush stole the idea of compassionate conservatism from him.  Now this makes no sense.  Why would a man like Savage want that known?  Savage constantly has said since the rise of the Tea Party that he was the “first tea partier” and the real tea party conservative and yet, he says he created the RINO idea of Bush and McCain conservatism which led to Obama?  Again, he makes no sense. Go to a Tea Party meeting today and start talking compassionate conservatism and see what happens to you.
There are so many contradictions, inconsistencies and flip flops about this guy it’s really comical. I was once listening to him in 2009, turned him on briefly one night while I was in the car and he was talking about elections and he was calling swing voters idiots.  I laughed to myself.  Swing voters are independents and isn’t that what he prides himself on being.  He repeats it over and over “I’m and independent conservative.”  
To show and prove how much he’s all over the place, there’s someone on YouTube that when I was doing my research on Savage for this segment, I was looking for a clip from one of his shows. I actually decided not to include audio clips from his show and so I found the Palin bashing clips and posted them at the blog with the transcript to this because I understand that Savage has some of his producers or staff report some of these YouTube channels that post his material.  But I came across these two that are really bad.  This person posted two video presentations one called, and these are embedded in the blog to this segment transcript, one is called
“Michael Savage Was Actually for Scott Brown Before Against Him”
And the other one is called
Michael Savage is a fraud & double talker–shocking clip from former fan
And watching these two clips I was blown away at how all over the place Savage really is.  I mean you check them out decide for yourself.  In one, he’s calling Bill Clinton a fiscal conservative. He calls Obama a centrist one night, the next a full blown Marxist trying to flame out the country. It’s insane.  Saying that Scott Brown is presidential material, he did nothing.  Brown was nothing but a state alderman.  But Palin was unqualified.  He didn’t even acknowledge her 20+ political career ever.  And then he turns out to be a disappointment and a fake, he turns on Brown and takes it out on his audience.  He chastises his audience in his clip and saying that his audience by making Scott Brown a conservative savior. But it was Savage so early on who was saying that Brown was a viable conservative presidential candidate.  It’s hysterical how ridiculous and all over the place this guy has become. 
Maybe it’s insecurity? I mean he’s constant badgering and bashing other conservative talk show hosts, his competition.  This one steals from me, I said this first, this one sounds like my grandmother with a hysterectomy. This one is fake.  Rush is a shill for the Republican party.
He has even– when the Anthony Weiner scandal happened and Brietbart broke the photo against one of the most shameful, atrocious, hack congressman Anthony Weiner, savage took Weiner’s side. Oh yeah I remember that. He claimed that Breitbart was doing entrapment against Weiner. Meanwhile, Weiner thought he had Breitbart in a defamation suit until Breitbart got the incriminating photo of Weiner.
I have listened to other talkers and radio fans that say he’s pretty much just phoning it in at this point.  And that every other night he’s not there and has a fill in to do his show.  He usually has that quack Jeff Kuhner another Palin basher fill in.  It’s funny I had the power go out we had a freak storm here in New York around Halloween so I was listening to a lot of radio.  And I just so happened to tune to WOR at around 6:30pm and he wasn’t even on and they were playing the News with Brian Williams from NBC.   He also had three hours here in New York.  Then they cut him down to two hours and now that liberal Mike Smerconish takes his third hour spot.  And that tells me that people are starting to tire of it.  It’s not just me.  Callers have had enough with being cut off in mid-sentence.  God forbid you call and ask the guy how he’s doing.  Listen at the 55 second mark.  I have a clip of that in the blog as well.  He’s like a hothouse flower.  His ratings have gone down.  And he says they go up but I say to that prove it.  Let’s see the Arbitron books and what your numbers are. Especially now that you have real competition with Levin over the past couple of years from 6-9pm. 
You know the guy’s like what 75 years old?  He’s had 16 good years.  Maybe he should retire.  I mean if you have people saying that you sound like you really don’t want to be doing it anymore, and you’re jealous of everyone, hey, step down!  You made your mark and your money.  You could still write books.  Get out of radio if you don’t love it anymore.  Let others take the reins. So I think like on the show I heard when he was trashing most of the GOP candidates, again, it was either the August 15 or 16th show, he was quoting a poet and referring to the candidates there’s a time when you have to know when to leave the stage.  I’d say that rule applies to you Savage also.  Perhaps it’s that time that you leave the stage and talk radio.  
God that felt good. 

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