When 999 Isn't Enough

To the Herman Cain supporters who are flouting this blog as a credible source to stop the hemorrhaging of the continuous sexual allegations, you are doing your candidate a disservice.  Read here.  First, let’s start with the obvious.  It’s not a credible source.  It’s not even a credible blog.  I’ve surfed and combed the conservative blog sphere for years and I’ve never heard of it.  The person who wrote it has no identity or familiar blogger surname.  Therefore,it cannot be held to the standards as other popular well established blogs such as Hot Air, Breibart and American Thinker.  

For about a week since the first female unknown who accused Cain of sexual harassment, I have been hearing repeatedly from Cain enablers that the accusers haven’t “come forward”.   Well, one of them has come forward.   What she is accusing Cain of isn’t sexual harassment.  She’s accusing Cain of flat out sexual assault.   So we now have a woman who comes forward to put a face and name with her allegations, and here we have Herman Cain enablers telling us about an “unnamed private investigator” who makes these counter allegations against Sharon Bialek.  To anyone who isn’t paying attention, the fine writers over at Divided States referred to her, albeit accidentally, as Sharon Cain. 
So am I reading this right?  The Cain enablers who were calling for the accusers to step forward are now countering her claim with an unnamed, faceless private investigator?  Does this seem a little hypocritical to you?  And, you’re telling me that a private investigator had all this information on this woman just a few hours after this press conference?  
My question to the Cain enablers is, when will you wake up?  Perhaps when the 5th, 6th, 7th etc., accuser has come forward.  If you are okay with doing so, I say, congratulations!  You now have your very own Bill Clinton, except he’s got an (R) next to his name. 
Also, this unnamed private investigator claims Bialek is a Democrat operative.  Breitbart–Big Journalism revealed this evening that Bialek is a registered Republican.  Breitbart also has witnesses who saw her at the Tea Party in question where Cain was the guest speaker.  I guess we should start calling the Breitbart organization a bunch of liberals and part of a left wing conspiracy to take down Herman Cain?
These Cain enablers certainly have a problem with blaming others for their candidate’s short comings. Simply, if you challenge some of them they parrot Cain’s campaign who directs everyone to “stay on the issues.”   Ask them why would Cain make such a mistake to reveal he didn’t know that China had nuclear weapons since 1964, and you will be accused of not knowing what his “999” plan is all about.  It seems every answer lately coming from Cain and his supporters is 999.
Q: Why didn’t Cain know that about China?  A: 999. Why did Cain shift his position on abortion? A: 999 Q: Do you think a conservative black should stoop so low to play the race card? A: 999 
You get the picture.  This blog entry being used by Cain supporters as fact also includes a Cain campaign statement released just after Sharon Bialek’s press conference.  They say:  “Cain campaign All allegations of harassment against Mr. Cain are completely false. Mr. Cain has never harassed anyone. Fortunately the American people will not allow Mr. Cain’s bold “9-9-9 Plan”, clear foreign policy vision and plans for energy independence to be overshadowed by these bogus attacks.” 
Excuse me?  “Clear foreign policy vision?”  Where? Where has Cain expressed a clear, OR even competent foreign policy vision?  Also, the energy independence ideas that Cain plans to roll out will, no doubt, come from the Palin playbook as many of these candidates have had a problem coming up with their own ideas and who always seemed—one way or the other—like school children cheating on a test by looking at Palin’s answers. 
I found it odd that Herman Cain agreed to do a debate with Newt Gingrich.  Until I found out foreign policy was to be left out of the debate. He cannot keep ducking, bobbing and weaving.  Cain has had months and months to become sharp as a tack on all issues, to mount a strong organization in order to win primaries and cease from putting his foot in his mouth.  But he hasn’t. 
Perhaps his candidacy is what I believed it to be all along—nothing more than a PR stunt to sell books and boost his national profile.  Worse, he possibly made a back room deal with the national GOP to be a Tea Party candidate and has agreed to drop out at the end, throwing it to Romney in order to earn either a VP or cabinet position.  
Bottom line, if Herman Cain would’ve been held up to the Palin standard for vetting presidential candidates, he would’ve been out of business a long time ago.  Further, the only reason (not the race card) why Herman Cain was able to get any traction in this campaign is because Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and Paul Ryan declined to run.
There comes a time where 999 isn’t enough and isn’t the answer for everything.
Frankly, I pray to God Sarah Palin reconsiders.

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