A Chump, Libertarian Elf & Serious 2008 Deja Vu Headtrip in 2012

What would an election cycle be without Ron Paul?   As many of you know, Ron Paul announced he is beginning an exploratory committee to run for president in 2012.  Wow, what a shock, huh?   No doubt, as his track record in the past shows, he will once again be exploring ways to fail as a candidate.

Last night the kooky libertarian elf went on Hannity.  Paul was on his best behavior throughout most of the interview.  He certainly doesn’t want to reveal is shrill kookery to the independent, middle of the road voters this early in the game.  I would like to thank Hannity for bringing up the subjects of terrorism, Islamist extremism and Sharia Law during the interview.   Of course, Paul the elf muttered out the obligatory “it’s America’s fault” rhetoric on terrorism, Islam, Sharia law.  I swear, if I didn’t know better, I would think that Paul’s part time job was working the press office for the Texas branch of CAIR.

To further alienate himself from the patriotic American and pro Christian voting bloc, Paul the elf backed up Muslim antagonist aka “bridge builder” Imam Rauf and his “property rights” in regards to the construction of the Ground Zero Mosque.  After all, in Paul the elf’s mind, it would be simply un-American if a man with ties to various terror groups—many who Paul likely supports since they want to wipe Israel off the map—has the right to build their mosque aka community center just steps from where Arabs and Islam attacked us on 9/11.
If you want a good laugh you can watch the entire interview here:

I’m particularly fond of the part at 12:17 where the elf actually says that, as president, he cannot end the fed.  Well, Paul may be in a pickle here and I suggest every one of you use it as ammunition against Paulbots in your social networking travels.  As Paul says, the president cannot audit or end the Fed.  Okay.  The man, Paul the elf, who is now the chairman of a monetary committee who would have the power to begin the process of an long deserved audit of the FR, is going to waste the opportunity on another failed presidential bid instead of actually executing what he’s promised for years?   I smell a fraud.

The latest riot that I’ve been reading about Ron the elf Paul is that he’s actually a FREEMASON.  LOL, I’m not kidding.  Just go to google “Ron Paul Freemason” and see what you get.  It’s pretty friggin hilarious that Ron Paul is being attacked by fellow conspiracy kooks.   According to these people, he’s a “master mason” and part of the Illuminati. Uh-oh. 

I prefer to think of him as an anti-American, culturally suicidal ass.

As one blogger brilliantly pointed out today “Ron Paul couldn’t get elected because his candidacy is that ‘President Ron Paul’ is not specifically mentioned in the Constitution, and therefore is not allowed.”

In some aspects, the election cycle of 2012 gives me a serious deja vu head trip back to 2008.  Here we are, once again, about to go into full on battle with a Marxist, and we have an elf and a Chump distracting us.
To me, Donald Chump 2012 reminds me a lot of Rudy Giuliani in 2008.  Although Rudy didn’t have Chump’s baggage, had more political gravitas and actually held office.  Rudy’s style as a plain speaking, brash New Yorker is a lot like Chump’s and, I guess, part of his appeal to the average idiot.   Rudy was also ahead in the polls and a front runner around this exact time in 2007.  Look where that got Rudy.  Hopefully, the same fate will be for Chump and he fizzles out like a bad fart if he should seriously run.

Oh, there was a brilliant article written on Chump from the PJ Tattler and is a must read in case you missed it:

And now back to Ron the libertarian elf Paul.  In 2007, he announced his exploration of failure campaign right in January.   He officially announced he was running in March 2007.   In the following Spring of 2008—smack in the heat of the 2008 campaign—Paul released his book “The Revolution: A Manifesto” which reached the NY Times bestseller list.

In April 2011, Paul announces his exploratory to failure campaign 2012 and oh, looky here, his newest book “Liberty Defined” was released just a few weeks ago.

Yes, that’s right. I am insinuating that Ron Paul enters national elections so that he can garner media attention to sell his books.

Just months after Paul the elf released his book in April of 2008, the Ron Paul campaign to nowhere ended on June 12th.  So while the Chump and the Elf may give you a serious dejavu headtrip of 2008, don’t let them give you agita.   The candidacies of Trump the Chump and Ron the Elf might just be all about selling books, or Trump spring water or enhancing both the Chump and Elf brand and nothing with saving the country or restoring the presidency.  

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