And You Think Your State Has Problems?

What if I told you there was going to be a political debate in your home state this evening featuring seven—I say seven—candidates all competing for screen time expressing their views on issues to the sheeple?

What if I told you that the political parties included were not only Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, but also the Green party, “anti prohibitionist party,” and get this “the rent is too high party?”

And what if I told you that among these political candidates taking place in the debate is a former member of the Black Panthers. Or another, an actual Madam—that’s right—a female pimp who claims that she should win because she ran a string of successful call girl businesses?

You’d probably say that I was insane or simply, not in my state.

Unless, of course, you live in New York.

That’s right folks. In my home state of New York aka The Vampire State, this political circus is set to unfold at tonight’s New York Gubernatorial debate at 7pm. Sorry you can’t see it for yourself, since you’re not from New York. Not to worry. I’m sure it is going to be so absurd and embarrassing that you’ll be able to see next day highlights on the national morning news.

How did this happen? A powerful local New York news channel teamed up with the liberal Hofstra University (same folks who brought you the Palin vs. Biden debate 08’ mediated by Obama supporter Gwen Ifil) and decided it was crucial that “all political voices to be heard.”

Before I prepare myself mentally in order to watch this lunacy, let me just add that the hooker debating tonight is none other than Kristen Davis. Davis, you might recall, was the service provider of Hoes to Elliot Spitzer aka Client #9 and former Governor (D) of New York. Spitzer was forced to step down and blind and failure David Paterson was appointed as Governor.

By the way, Davis is the candidate running on the “anti prohibition” line. Her platform consists of the legalization of marijuana, prostitution, gambling, and gay marriage.

And you think your state has problems?

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