The Seal Falls Off–Omen For 2012?

My friends, we can only hope that this will be an omen of what is to come for Obama and his gangster administration in 2012.
Yesterday, President “shine & glow” Obama spoke at a Fortune Magazine conference where it honors the “Powerful Women Summit” at the Carnegie Mellon venue in Washington, DC.
Just minutes into Obama’s speech, the presidential seal fell off of the lectern. See here:

Anyone see the symbolism? For other presidents past this may not seem like a big deal. Let’s not forget, this is the same man who, when he was just the president elect, changed the presidential seal to a symbol more to his liking. More obvious, Obama’s presidency is coming undone and falling off the hinges, literally, before our very eyes.

Notice the naked narcissism in his response: “You all know who I am,” the think skinned one said. A classic response from more humble statesman like Reagan would have cleverly said something like, “Mommy, I guess we forgot to pay the maintenance man again.”

Not here. No self depreciation humor here from a man who is a true believer in America, only when it is led by him. More like, “Gee, did that fall? Who gives a shit about that stinking heap of shit. Back to ME.”

Again, let’s hope this is a sign that, in another year and a half, Obama will be out of office.

2010 is important. 2012 even more.

Mr.L’s Tavern

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